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Past Science Cafe Speakers and Topics

Dr. David Rosowshy, KSU Vice President of Research, A vision for research at KSU.

Dean Claudia Petrescu, Dean of the Graduate School, A vision for graduate school and graduate student education at KSU.

Dr. Richard Todd, Dept. of Plant Pathology, Manipulating molds to awaken genes for bioactive natural product discovery.

Drs. Ryan Hansen and Prathap Parameswaran, Depts. of Chemical and Civil Engineering, respectively, Membrane filtration: Keeping the pores clear to get clean water!

Dr. Natalia Rojkovskaia, KSU Dept of Mathmatics, What is the difference between a journalist and a mathematician?

Dr. Gregory Finnigan, KSU Dept. Of Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics, Hacking life with CRISPR gene drives

Dr. Stephanie Shames, KSU Division of Biology, Antibiotic resistance: Why did it happen and what can we do?

Dr. Sally Davis, KSU College of Veterinary Medicine, It’s the centenary of the Spanish flu!What does this mean to you?

Dr. Catherine Steele, KSU Dept. Of Psychological Sciences, Could what we eat affect our future food choices?

Dr. Aida Farough, KSU Dept. of Geology, Drilling into the abyss in search of life and resources

Dr. Jocelyn McDonald, KSU Division of Biology, The amazing green fluorescent protein: from jellyfish to scientific breakthroughs

Dr. David Poole, KSU Dept. of Kinesiology, Anatomy & Physiology, Oxygen transprot and your health: Humor, hubris and a little physiology

Dr. John Tomich, KSU Dept. of Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics, Communicating Science to Non-scientists

Dr. Christer Aakeroy, KSU Dept. of Chemistry, From molecular dating to functional materials

Dr. Michael Veeman, KSU Division of Biology, Genomes, body plans, birth defects (and sea squirts)

Dr. Tom Platt, KSU Division of Biology, Microbial Interactions: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Dr. Sherry Fleming, KSU Division of Biology, Inflammation: Controlling the Drama Queen

Jackie Beucher, Astronomical Society of Kansas City, Darkness at Mid-dau, a Total Eclipse of the Sun

Craig Wolfe, Heartland Renewable Energy Society, A Case for Climate Action

Anna Zinovyeva, KSU Division of Biology, Shhh!: Gene Silencing in Progress

Emily McLaurin, KSU Dept. of Chemistry, A Lighthearted Look at Quantum Dots

Nicholas Wallace, KSU Division of Biology/Johnson Cancer Center, How does a virus cause a tumor?

Lee Skabelund, Dept. of Architecture & Regional & Community Planning, Green Roofs and Green Infrastructure in Manhattan

Samantha Sharpe, KSU Division of Biology, The Overlooked Tragedy of Tar Creek

Dr. John Harrington, Anthropogenic Climate Change

Lowell Bliss, Climate Activist, The Paris Climate Agreement: A Priest, a Rabbi, and a Baptist go to COP 21...

Dr. Keith Miller, KSU Department of Geology, An Overview of the Geologic History of the Flint Hills

Dr. Saugata Datta, KSU Department of Geology: Arsenic in Drinking Waters and Rice

Wesley Good and Mark Weiss, ThinkTech LLC: The Local Maker Movement

Dr. Jim Stack, Department of Plant Pathology: Feeding a Growing Population in a Shrinking World

Dave Carter, K-State Engineering Extension: Home and Building Energy Audits

Dr. James Van Etten, Sigma Xi Distinguished Lecturer, University of Nebraska:  Algae as Candidates for Biofuel

Dr. Steve Dyer, KSU Department of Electrical Engineeringt:  The Interplayground of Music, Science, and Engineering

Dr. Rollie Clem, KSU Division of Biology:  Influenza: Why it’s still nothing to sneeze at

Jeff Gill, Owner, Tallgrass Brewing Company: The Science of Beer Making

Dr. Ben Champion, KSU Director of Sustainability: Sustainability Efforts at Kansas State University

Dr. Alina Akhunova, Director of the KSU Integrated Genomics Facility: The Revolution in DNA Sequencing Technology

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