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Office of Student Financial Assistance


Eligibility Requirements for Financial Aid

Find out if you are eligible for federal financial assistance.

Financial Aid Appeals

Information if significant change has occurred to the student's and/or parent(s)' financial situation.

Dropping all classes or Withdrawing from K-State

Details on when a student is withdrawing from K-State.

Academic Credentials for Federal Financial Aid

If K-State's Office of Student Financial Assistance (OSFA) has requested documentation of your academic credentials, locate the scenario that matches your academic history below and make arrangements to provide the referenced documentation as soon as possible.

Financial Aid for an Education Abroad

Considering studying abroad?  Here is some information to consider.

Consortium Agreement Policy

Get details on the policy for a Consortium Agreement.

Consumer and Disclosure Information

Find out more about Consumer Information for the university.

Award Funding Statement

Disclosure concerning how Financial Aid funding is subject to modifications.