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Security Studies

Security Studies


Kansas State University
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Kansas State University
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802 Mid-Campus Dr. South
Manhattan, KS 66506


Fort Leavenworth
Education Center

Audrey Ayers


These faculty have interests in military history, international relations, and national security, and regularly teach in those fields, cover our security studies courses, or advise students in the Security Studies program.


Sam Bell

Sam Bell, Political Science

Email: sbell3@k-state.edu
Ph.D, Binghamton, 2009
Research and teaching interests: world politics, transparency.

Sabri CiftciSabri Ciftci, Political Science

Email: ciftci@k-state.edu
Ph.D, Florida State, 2005
Research and teaching interests: political behavior, public opinion, democratic institutions, and Middle Eastern Politics.  

Professor Flynn   Michael Flynn, Political Science

   Email: meflynn@ksu.edu
   Ph.D, Binghamton, 2013
   Research and teaching interests: U.S. foreign policy,
   domestic politics and international relations, world
   politics and international security

David Graff

David Graff, History

Email: dgraff@k-state.edu
Ph.D, Princeton, 1995
Research and teaching interests: East Asian military history, particularly ancient and medieval China; Chinese military thought.

Emizet Kisangani

Emizet Kisangani, Political Science

Email: emizetk@k-state.edu
Ph.D, Iowa, 1994
Research and teaching interests: comparative politics, civil wars, African politics.

Michael Krysko

Michael Krysko, History

Email: mkrysko@k-state.edu
Ph.D, Stony Brook University, 2001
Research and teaching interests: US foreign relations, particularly with East Asia; history of technology; radio.

Andrew Long

Andrew Long, Political Science

Email: aglong@k-state.edu
Ph.D, Florida State, 2004
Research and teaching interests: international conflict, international political economy, alliances and trade.


Carla Martinez MachainCarla Martinez Machain, Political Science

Email: carlamm@k-state.edu
Ph.D, Rice, 2012 
Research and teaching interests: explaining conflict outcomes and duration.

Heather McCrea

Heather McCrea, History

Email: hmccrea@k-state.edu
Ph.D, Stony Brook, 2002
Research and teaching interests: Latin America, public health and disease, environmental history.

Donald Mrozek

Donald Mrozek, History

Email: mrozek@k-state.edu
Ph.D, Rutgers University, 1972
Research and teaching interests: Unconventional and non-conventional warfare in American history; air power; American culture.

 Professor Orr  Andrew Orr, History

   Email: aorr1@k-state.edu
   Ph.D. Notre Dame, 2007
   Research and teaching interests: Modern France,
   Military History, Africa. 


sorrSuzanne Orr, History

Email: sorr1@k-state.edu
Ph.D., University of Notre Dame
Research and teaching interests: Twentieth-Century American History, immigration and gender.





 OweidatNadia Oweidat, History

Email: oweidat@k-state.edu
Ph.D., Oxford University, 2014
Research and teaching interests: Islamic thought, Religious theories


parilloMark Parillo, History

Email: parillo@k-state.edu
Ph.D, Ohio State, 1987
Research and teaching interests: US military history, naval history; logistics.

Jeff Pickering

Jeff Pickering, Political Science

Email: jjp@k-state.edu
Ph.D, Indiana, 1995
Research and teaching interests: international relations, foreign military interventions.


Nadia Shapkina

Nadia Shapkina, Sociology

Email: shapkina@k-state.edu
Ph.D, Georgia State, 2008
Research and teaching interests: gender, human trafficking, post-socialism. Research and teaching interests: Political institutions, executive politics, democratization, and Latin American politics.

tiemeyerPhil Tiemeyer, History

Email: tiemeyerp@k-state.edu
Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin, 2007
Research and teaching interests: US Gender History, History of Sexuality, US Social History, and US Foreign Relations


TyburskiMichael Tyburski, Political Science

Email: tyburski@k-state.edu
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee
Research and teaching interests: Political implications of international migration and migrant remittances for both development and security.