Emizet F. Kisangani

International Military Intervention Data

Ph.D. Political Science, University of Iowa


Dr. Emizet F. Kisangani is a professor in the Department of Political Science and the Graduate Program in Security Studies at Kansas State University.

He holds an MA in Economics from the University of Oregon and a Ph. D. in Political Science from the University of Iowa. Dr. Kisangani teaches several undergraduate and graduate courses. A three-time Fulbright Scholar, he has published articles in leading journals in international relations, comparative politics, and areas studies including the American Journal of Political Science, British Journal of Political Science, Canadian Journal of Political Science, International Studies Quarterly, Political Science Quarterly, Journal of Conflict Resolution, Defence and Peace Economics, Comparative Political Studies, African Studies Review, Canadian Journal of African Studies, and Journal of Modern African Studies. Dr. Kisangani has also published eight books in both English and French. One of his most recent books, entitled African Interventions: State Militaries, Foreign Powers, and Rebel Forces, was published by Cambridge University Press. Co-authored by Jeffrey Pickering, this book won the J. David Singer Award from the International Studies Association-Midwest in 2023. Dr. Kisangani’s current research focuses on state building, economic groupings, and military interventions.



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