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Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work

Careers and Internships

Emily Patton


While we face together this global pandemic, you can still pursue internships in museums, libraries, archives an other institutions. Explore these possibilities at: 
If interested, remember to contact Dr. Klataste at: rklataske@k-state.edu 


Basic Job Skills
Careers in Anthropology (AAA)
Careers in Anthropology
Careers in Anthropology - with short videos of anthropologists at work
What Can I Do With This Major
Responses to Student Questions about Anthropology Careers (NAPA/AAA)
"Anthropologists on the Job"
Anthropologists Go Native in the Corporate Village
"What Margaret Mead could teach techs" (2-25-09)
Anthropologists Help Explain Consumer Behavior
Corporate Ethnography and Technology
Application Cover Letter advice
Books about Anthropology Careers
'The Changing Face of Anthropology' (2009)
More Career and Job Links
Jobs in the Non-Profit sector
USA Jobs (federal job searches)
BLM Pathways Program
Five Top Tips for Getting Your First Job in Archaeology (British)
FAQs about Careers in Archaeology
Careers in Archaeology (SAA Archaeological Record 2011)
Skills of the Archaeologist (SAA Archaeological Record 6[3]:9-13 [2006])
What it takes to be an archaeologist...
ArchaeologyFieldwork.com (archaeology and related job ads)
ShovelBums - Current ShovelBums Archaeology & Cultural Resource Management Jobs
SWCA jobs [job listings with just one of many companies that employs archaeologists]
Museum Jobs (UK & US)
American Alliance of Museums (Job Postings)
Cultural Resource, Archaeology, Historic Preservation Jobs
Cultural Resource Network (historic preservation)
Teach for America
US Department of State (foreign policy and other careers)
Rosetta Stone jobs
'Jobs with the National Park Service'



KSU Career and Employment Services - internship info
Partial listing of internships
National Association for the Practice of Anthropology (list of links)
Peace Corps
Cultural Survival Internship Program
American Museum of Natural History (NY) North American Archaeology Internship (2013)
ORISE- Opportunities for Academic Fellowships and Scholarships, Research Experiences, Sabbaticals, and Interns
Pathways for Students and Recent Graduates to federal jobs (Pathways program initiated July 2012)
Smithsonian-NSF Summer Institute in Museum Anthropology
Smithsonian Institution Internship with the National Museum of the American Indian
Smithsonian Institution Internships
NPS Jobs for Students
PreserveNet Internships
The Student Conservation Association internships
National Park Service internships
NPS Cultural Resources Diversity Program
Fellowships in Peace and Security (DC)
Museum-related News, Jobs, Internships, etc.
Public Leadership Education Network (internships, seminars, etc.)
US State Department internships (foreign policy)
Unite for Sight volunteer opportunities
Earthwatch Institute internships and jobs
Federal Jobs & Internships for Students
Volunteer Opportunities in Archaeology
Passport in Time (Archaeology & Historic Preservation volunteers in National Forests)
More Info on Volunteering in Archaeology
Links to Career info in Anthropology
The Field Museum (Chicago) internships
Internships at the Getty Museum
Crow Canyon Archaeological Center (internships plus...)
Internships in Cultural Resources and Historic Preservation (NPS)
Billings Archaeological Curation Center (BLM) - internships
Primatology links
BLM Internship Program
Volunteer experiences on public lands (BLM)
Summer Internship, Chicago's Field Museum of Natural History (deadline Feb. 1)
Internships (AAA)
Student Educational Employment Program (NPS)
National Center for Preservation Technology and Training, summer internships
Associated Press internships (media, news, business)
Museum of Modern Art Internships
Study Abroad internships
MATCH Teacher Residency
US Fish & Wildlife - Alaska (ethnographic/sociocultural opportunities)
Women in Archaeology Internship
Congressional Award Internship
Minnesota Historical Society Internships
Lemur Conservation Foundation Internships
Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art Internships
Field Museum Internships (Chicago)