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Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work



Anthropology is a frame of mind.Anthropology has given me an ability to be more open to others and new experiencesEmily Patton

Now that globalization has reached even the most remote corners of the world, the fundamental lessons of anthropology are no longer an exotic luxury but necessity. With its holistic perspective and commitment to documenting, understanding, and analyzing different past and present ways of life, anthropology is uniquely equipped to prepare our students to identify and effectively meet the challenges of our rapidly changing cultural realities. Thus, anthropology is not only fascinating, but its also essential in our modern world.

Our program offers many opportunities to undergraduates that most programs in the world cannot.  Our students often work right along side us as teaching and research assistants. Our undergrads are offered hands-on training and experience in the methods of digital ethnography, archaeology, linguistic anthropology, and forensic anthropology, osteology and human evolution. Such experiences propel our students to win top scholarships and attend the best graduate programs in the world.  Recent graduates have won multiple National Science Foundation fellowships and Fulbright awards, among others. 

More importantly, our students finish the program with a global and holistic perspective that serves them well in whatever career they might choose.  Our graduates have  successful careers in a wide range of anthropological fields, as well as in  medicine, law, marketing, public service, and education. 

Our faculty covers all four major subfields of anthropology and have worked in every major continent around the world.  Their dedication to serving undergraduate students has won them several of the most prestigious university, state, and national teaching awards, and brought world-wide recognition to the program.