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Environmental Health and Safety

Initial Hazardous Waste Awareness (EHS018)

All individuals that generate or handle hazardous waste must take online or classroom hazardous waste management training provided or approved by EHS and must receive on-the-job hazardous materials/waste training appropriate to their specific job duties that is provided by the responsible supervisor, laboratory or shop manager. Training is required within six months of employment or transfer of job duties that involve hazardous materials management. A refresher training located here is required annually thereafter. For information on hazardous waste management training contact EHS (785-532-5856).  K-State PPM 3745

Course Code:  EHS018

Vivid Course Title: KSU - Initial Hazardous Waste Awareness

Prerequisite:  None

Length of Session:  45 Minutes to 1 hour (Vivid Online)

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For special accommodations or questions about the program or its content, please contact Environmental Health and Safety at 785-532-5856 or email safety@k-state.edu.