OSFM Fire Fact 043 - Door Wedges

The State of Kansas requires that:

  • Fire Doors cannot be blocked open. No door wedges are allowed or fold down feet.
  • Fire Rated Doors cannot be modified, blocked, obstructed or made inoperable in any way.
  • Swinging fire doors shall close and latch automatically.
  • Magnetic hold-open devices and automatic closers on fire doors where provided must be maintained. If they fall out of service the door must remain in the closed position.

Fire rated doors are determined at the state level through legislation. The reason for closed doors in egress pathways is for fire and life safety protection for the entire floor.

How to determine if your door is a Fire Rated Door.

  • Fire Rated Doors are marked, usually with a tag on the edge of the door listing that it is fire rated and for how long.
  • The door frame on a Fire Rated Doorway will have a corresponding tag on it.
  • If ever in doubt, contact one of K-State’s Fire Inspectors as they can come out and determine if the door is rated or not for you. Contact :

James Seymour camel@ksu.edu