Fire & Life Safety

Fire and Life safety involves numerous safety issues including fire prevention, fire suppression and emergency evacuation/response. Fire and life safety is everyone's responsibility.

Learn how to prevent fires and respond to fire- what you learn will be invaluable. The K-State administration is committed to providing a safe environment for building occupants and emergency response personnel. The Kansas Fire Prevention Code and other adopted nationally accepted codes are used as guidelines for inspections, testing and procedures on University property.

Common Fire Citations (pdf)
Emergency, Prevention, & Life Safety Codes (pdf)
Fire Extinguishers (pdf)
Fire & Life Safety Policy (pdf)
Fire Protection Equipment Impairment Notice
Fire Protection Equipment Impairment Notice (pdf)
Fireworks and Pyrotechnic Displays on University Property (pdf)
Fire watch log (pdf)
Hot Work Permit
Hot Work Permit (pdf)
Hot Work Permit Decision Tree (pdf)
Hot Work Policy (pdf)
How to Store Flammables (pdf)
Welding and Other Hot Work (pdf)