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Environmental Health and Safety

Fireworks and Pyrotechnic Displays on University Property

This document provides information and establishes general precautions for Kansas State University personnel who plan to have a fireworks display or use pyrotechnic special effects on University property.

  • No exterior fireworks or interior pyrotechnic display are allowed on K-State property unless authorized by Environmental Health and Safety.

  • All provisions for a safe fireworks display or pyrotechnic special effects as outlined in this policy must be met.

  • Random use of any fireworks or pyrotechnic special effects on K-State property is prohibited.

  • This policy provides information and establishes general precautions for members of Kansas State University who plan to have a fireworks display or use pyrotechnic special effects as part of a University group activity.

Organizations, groups and individuals sponsoring public display of fireworks shall comply with rules, regulations and procedures as outlined in this policy, as well as all applicable federal, state, and local laws, rules and regulations. The requirements for pyrotechnic displays are in accordance with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), The Kansas State Fire Marshal's Office rules and regulations, and firsthand knowledge of existing on-site physical conditions. The storage and transportation of fireworks shall comply with current NFPA standards.

Interior Pyrotechnics Restrictions. Senate Bill No 254, passed in the spring of 2004, prohibits all pyrotechnical displays in assembled occupancies over 50. Exceptions are allowed in a very few cases. Requests for displays in sprinkled buildings and buildings constructed of fire restrictive materials may be evaluated and allowed. The University Fire Marshal and representative of the State Fire Marshal's Office will review requests for interior pyrotechnics on a case-by-case basis.


Environmental Health and Safety has authority to suspend or terminate pyrotechnic displays at any time upon their own discretion and/or upon the advice of the Kansas State Fire Marshal, the producer of the event, or the local fire department.


The prospective locations for fireworks displays or special effects productions will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Once a site has been requested for use, it will be inspected by the University Fire Marshal, the company contracted to perform the fireworks display or special effects production and the University group making the request, to determine whether the fireworks display and/or special effects production can be accomplished on that site safely and without damage. At the time of this inspection, the actual size, style, type, and amount of fireworks will be discussed for approval.

Weather Conditions (exterior)

If at any time the wind speed is 20 mph at ground level, or if unusually wet or dry conditions prevail, the exterior public display shall be canceled or postponed until weather conditions improve to an acceptable level.


The University's or University Organization's Responsibility: Contact the University Fire Marshal (532-5856, jlchatmo@ksu.edu) for review and approval that all the conditions of this policy have been met and to provide the name(s) of person(s) who will ensure compliance with the fireworks policy. The required permit will not be issued until all conditions of this policy have been met.

Pyrotechnics Contractor's Responsibility

  1. SECURE FIREWORKS PERMIT- Contact the University Fire Marshal, who is the local code official, in person or by phone at 532-5856, at least 60 calendar days before the scheduled exterior fireworks display to request, complete, and pay for the fireworks permit. The permit must be issued 30 calendar days prior to the event.
  2. Exterior display permit shall be $897 payable to Environmental Health and Safety.
  3. For an interior pyrotechnic display, a 30 calendar-day notice is required and the permit must be issued 14 calendar days before the event.
  4. Staff required to support the event shall be the responsibility of the sponsoring department and the cost shall be billed directly to the department sponsoring the event. This may include staff for fire watches, fire alarm monitoring and crowd control,
  5. Ensure that City, State and University safety requirements for fireworks displays have been met.
  6. Ensure that all NFPA Standards are met.
  7. Ensure that the NFPA-required clearances are established first on paper, then at the site. A graphic plan shall be submitted to the University Fire Marshal indicating the necessary safety zone for exterior displays. It shall be approved before the permit shall be issued.
  8. Ensure that adequate fire extinguishing or fire-fighting equipment is available on site in the event of fire on site. Coordinate with local fire officials for emergency standby.
  9. Ensure that only trained, certified and licensed pyrotechnic personnel are used to discharge the fireworks display. A current State of Kansas License issued by the State Fire Marshal's Office is required.
  10. Ensure that clean up of the fireworks area is acceptable to the appropriate representative(s) of Kansas State University.
  11. The event producer and/or sponsoring organization shall be responsible for providing an adequate number of people to monitor the perimeter of the approved discharge site and potential landing areas immediately prior to and during the firing, and until the area is declared safe by the display operator.