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Environmental Health and Safety

Common Citations

Combustible storage: Storage of combustible materials in buildings shall be orderly.  Storage shall be separated from heaters or heating devices.  Storage shall be maintained 2 (24") feet or more below the ceiling in nonsprinklered buildings or 18 in. below sprinkler deflectors in sprinklered areas of buildings.  Combustible materials shall not be stored in exits, exit enclosures, boiler rooms, mechanical rooms or electrical equipment rooms.   

Compressed gas cylinder not secured: Compressed gas cylinders shall be adequately secured with caps in place when not in use.  Cylinders shall be stored away from heat sources.

Electrical panel blocked: A working space of not less than 30 inches in width, 36 inches in depth and 78 inches in height shall be provided in front of electrical service equipment (panel).  Where electrical service equipment is wider than 30 inches, the working space shall not be less than the width of the equipment.

Excessive combustible storage:  Storage of combustible materials in buildings shall be orderly.  Storage shall be separated from heaters or heating devices by distance or shielding so that ignition cannot occur.

Extension cord: Extension cords shall not be a substitute for permanent wiring and shall not be affixed to structures, extended through walls, ceilings or floors.  Cords shall not contain splices or damage.  Extension cords shall only be plugged directly into an approved receptacle.  Except for approved multiplug extension cords, each extension cord shall serve only one appliance.  The ampacity of the extension cord shall not be exceeded.   Extension cords shall be grounded when serving grounded portable appliances. 

Fire doors wedged open: Fire doors and smoke barrier doors shall not be blocked.  No door wedges or fold down feet in rated corridors

Fire extinguishers blocked: Fire extinguishers shall be mounted, conspicuously located, unobstructed, and available for immediate use.  If visual obstruction cannot be avoided, signs shall be provided.

Flammable Liquid and Gas Storage: Flammable and combustible liquids used for maintenance and the operation of equipment exceeding 10 gallons shall be stored in a liquid storage cabinet.  Except for cylinders not exceeding 250 cubic feet each, used for maintenance purposes, patient care or operation of equipment, flammable gases shall not be stored or used in Group B occupancies.

Flammable liquid storage: Flammable liquid storage is prohibited in boiler and fuel fired equipment rooms and exit ways.  Flammable liquids shall be in containers approved for the use and marked with the material's name.  Storage shall be in an approved flammable liquid storage cabinet when total quantities stored exceed 5 gallons.

Items stored in corridor (exit obstructions): Obstruction to exits shall not be placed in the required width and exits shall not be obstructed in any manner.

Multiplug adapters: Multiplug adapters, such as cube adapters, unfused plug strips or any other device not complying with the International Code Council Electrical Administrative Provisions shall be prohibited.

Power strips: Relocatable power taps shall be of the polarized or grounded type, equipped with overcurrent protection, and shall be listed.  Relocatable power taps shall be directly connected to a permanently installed receptacle.  Relocatable power taps shall not extend through walls, ceilings, floors, under doors or floor coverings, or be subject to environmental or physical damage.

Space (electric) heaters too close to combustibles, plugged into extension cords or power strips:  Portable, electric space heaters shall not be operated within 3 feet (914 mm) of any combustible materials.  Portable, electric space heaters shall be operated only in locations for which they are listed. It shall be plugged directly into an approved receptacle and not be plugged into extension cords.