Postdoctoral Association

Postdoctoral researchers play an integral role in Kansas State University's research, scholarly, and creative activity and discovery. Postdocs help researchers complete projects, author publications, secure external funding, and incubate innovative ideas. The K-State Postdoctoral Association was established in October 2014 to support the more than 120 recent PhDs engaged in research at K-State and help make our institution a great place to work.

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K-State is a Sustaining Member of the National Postdoctoral Association , which means our postdocs, postdoc mentors, and others at our institution are entitled to a free NPA Affiliate membership and can access the POSTDOCKet newsletter, personal and career development resources, and more. Read instructions on how to join (PDF) as an NPA Affiliate and a welcome letter (PDF) for new members.

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