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Presidential Search

2016 Presidential Position Profile

Desired Presidential Attributes

The Presidential Search Committee seeks a proven leader who:
  • Demonstrates a record of successful leadership experience in a complex environment, such as a research university
  • Presents clear evidence of creative problem solving, innovation and successful entrepreneurial activities and initiatives
  • Is a forward-thinking visionary who plans, strategically implements and executes with aplomb and precision — with measurable outcomes
  • Will collaborate with the Kansas Board of Regents and other Kansas colleges and universities
  • Builds, delegates and holds accountable, strong, highly functioning and effective leadership teams
  • Advocates the university's land grant culture, mission and role among internal and external constituencies
  • Promotes the role of collegiate athletics and its contribution to the life of a major public university and its communities
  • Demonstrates a thorough and effective understanding and execution of fiscal management in a university environment
  • Works effectively to garner support from city, county, state and federal governmental entities
  • Has a record of successful resource generation through private and foundation fundraising, enrollment growth and the creation of new programs — all within the mission of the institution
  • Embraces global, online, high-impact and emerging modes of inquiry and instruction
  • Possesses an earned doctorate, a comparable terminal degree or an equivalent combination of education and experience
  • Thrives within and understands the unique importance, culture and role of a major public research university
  • Engages with all stakeholders of the university in a personal and authentic way
  • Understands and promotes the value of the full array of the university's academic, research, scholarly, and creative programs and initiatives
  • Is a person known for honesty, transparency and impeccable integrity
  • Is decisive within a collaborative and shared governance model
  • Embraces the importance of undergraduate and graduate teaching along with research, service, extension and community engagement
  • Is committed to student access, success, well-being and inclusive involvement with respect to all students, with special attention to firstgeneration, multicultural, international and veteran students
  • Understands the dramatic changes that impact Kansas State University in the 21st century
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Presidential Position Profile
View the 2016 Presidential Position Profile (pdf)

Goals and Initiatives for Kansas State University

  • The K-State 2025 university-created strategic plan

  • Sufficient resources to fund the future advancement of Kansas State University

  • Diversity among faculty, staff and students

  • Academic excellence in research and student learning

  • Enrollment management and student success models

  • Environmental, economic and social sustainability issues