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Office of the President
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President's Residence

Event Request

Guidelines and Requirements for Use of the President's Residence for Events

Kansas State University is fortunate to have a lovely residence for the President, First Lady and family. This home is a significant structure on the K-State campus. The President’s residence is primarily the private residence for the university’s President; however, the President and First Lady are pleased to share this lovely home through invitation.

To assist organizations/groups who would like to entertain at the President’s residence (100 Wilson Court), the following guidelines have been established and must be agreed upon prior to the use of the home:

Only organizations/groups and/or events requested by the President and/or First Lady shall be held at the President’s residence or on the grounds immediately surrounding the home. The President’s residence is not available for commercial purposes, media promotions or private parties.

The use of the President’s residence shall not be confirmed for any event earlier than six months prior to the date of the proposed event.

Only designated areas of the first floor of the President’s residence shall be available for use by university/community groups. The second floor, third floor and basement are for private use.

All organizations/groups requesting functions at the President’s residence shall designate one individual responsible for contacting the President’s Office to discuss details of the event. Contact information for the President's Office is 785-532-6221.

Invitations must be approved by the President’s Office prior to mailing.

The organization/group shall provide nametags for all guests invited to the event and deliver them to the President’s residence 24 hours prior to the start of the event.

Only a caterer pre-approved by the President's Office for the President’s residence shall be allowed to provide food and beverage for an organization/group using 100 Wilson Court. At least two weeks prior to the event, this caterer shall provide a proposed menu to the President’s Office.

A completed event form shall be returned to the President’s Office at least one month prior to the scheduled event. Please advise the office if any special accommodations are needed.

Guests shall be instructed to park in Parking Lot A3 located behind the President’s residence. Parking is not allowed in the circle drive at the residence. Drop off and pick up only.

Any group using the President’s residence shall strictly observe the reservation times on the event form attached hereto. Those assisting with the event shall arrive no more than 30 minutes prior to the start of the event.

Organizations/groups shall provide their own hosts to greet guests, help with coats and distribute name tags.

Furniture shall not be moved without approval of the President’s Office.

While there is no rental charge for the use of the home, the group/individuals are responsible for any catering or equipment charges unless prior arrangements have been made.

If the group/individuals includes undergraduate students or individuals under the age of 21, it is preferred that alcoholic beverages are not served. If alcoholic beverages are served, the group/individuals are responsible to prevent underage drinking.

To apply to entertain at the President's Residence, complete the Event Form (pdf) and send it to:

Office of the President
Kansas State University
Manhattan, Kansas 66505
785-532-6221 - Please call for email contact information.