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Create YOUR College Financial Plan

Much like meeting with your academic advisor to plan a successful program of study to meet your life goals, meeting with a peer financial counselor can help you develop a college financial plan to optimize your financial success during and after college.

Meet with us before your first semester to begin creating your college financial plan and continue each semester with a follow up session to monitor your financial progress.  Let us help you create YOUR personal college financial plan so that upon graduating you will understand your financial situation and education loans and can transition into your career successfully.  There are many options for funding your education that can help reduce the amount of student loan debt when you graduate.

A peer financial counselor can help you create YOUR college financial plan with the following steps:   

MyCollegeMoneyPlan.org, a free online resource, contains helpful worksheets and guidance to assist you in building a multi-year college financial plan.

Have more questions about creating your college financial plan? If you need assistance will this topic or any others, schedule a FREE and confidential appointment with Powercat Financial today!