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Partnerships for International Research and Education


This PIRE program's primary research objective is to research synthesis, nanostructure, and properties of multicomponent pseudo-amorphous polymer-derived ceramic fibers constituted from Si/C/N/O to expand the diversity of the chemistry and the science of ceramic-fiber research beyond the traditional SiC fibers. Amorphous Si/C/N/O-based materials have the potential to enable fibers with properties equivalent to or exceeding those of current nano-crystalline SiC fibers at a factor of ten lower cost. In addition, this research will investigate quaternary polymer-derived ceramic systems containing boron (B) and aluminum (Al) elements in Si/C/N; ceramic fibers constituted from doped SiCN are expected to exhibit negligible creep resistance at temperatures up to approximately 1700 °C in oxidizing environments.

Synergy between the carbon network and the silicon-oxygen-carbon (for SiOC) or silicon-nitrogen- carbon (for SiCN) matrix with which it is interlaced, imparts thermodynamic stability to the amorphous structure, creep resistance, and, most importantly, the opportunity to manufacture high quality fibers at low cost.


PIRE Research plan