Visitor Parking

Visitor Parking

Parking Services is now utilizing a License Plate Recognition system, which makes drivers' license plate their permit, eliminating the need for physical permits like hang tags. Please ensure when visiting campus that you pull into stalls with your license plate facing the drive lane.

Visitors will no longer need to print out a visitor permit or stop by Parking Services. Payment will be available upon arrival using a pay station in the parking garage or the ParkMobile app. You can register your vehicle for event parking on your computer or with your mobile device.

Visitors can also purchase temporary permits from the Parking Portal.

Temporary/Visitors Parking Permit Prices

Surface Lots Only

Month $45.00
Week $22.00
Day $6.00

Event Attendees (Computer reservation)

Organizers of your event will send you a ParkMobile link 24 hours or more in advance of your event. Click the link and complete the following steps.

Step 1: Adjust the Arrive after and Leave by information in accordance with your event.

parkmobile Arrival fields


Step 2: Next, locate the Filters & Access Codes menu on the left hand side of your screen.

filters and access code


Step 3: Enter the Access Code provided to you by your event organizer in the field below and click Apply.

access code field


Step 4: Entering your event's access code will pull up the available reserved parking options. Select Reserve to continue.

Green reserve button


Step 5: You will now be presented the opportunity to Log In to ParkMobile, Create an account or Continue as Guest.

log in screen for parkmobile


Step 6: Enter your Email and License Plate Number. Your license plate will act as your virtual permit, letting Parking Services know you're here for an event. Please remember to pull into parking stalls with your license plate facing the drive lane.

email field

license plate field


Step 7: Finally, click Complete Purchase and you're ready to park on campus!

complete purchase


Mobile Reservation

Reserving event parking on your mobile device is a similar process as the steps listed above, but will look slightly different. Once you open the link from your event planner, complete the following steps:

Step 1: Click on the Reserve Parking button at the bottom of your screen.

reserve parking


Step 2: Near the top of your screen, adjust the Arrive after and Leave by information in accordance with your event.

arrive by and leave by times

Step 3: Select the List menu towards the top of your screen.

list mobile

Mobile users can now follow steps 2-7 above to complete their reservation.


Visitor FAQs


Visitors are required to obey all posted parking and traffic regulations.