Timed and Meter Parking

Meters can currently be paid using coin or ParkMobile. The following meter parking policies are currently in place:

  • Timed parking in the garage is $2.00/hour up to a daily maximum of $16, Monday through Friday 7am to midnight.
  • Metered parking stalls are $1.50/hour and are located across campus. See Campus Maps for locations.
  • Meters located in housing areas on campus are enforced 24/7.
  • Rec Center meters are enforced 7am-4pm M-F.
  • All other meters are enforced 7am-5pm M-F.


Kansas State University has partnered with ParkMobile to make it easier to find and pay for parking, eliminating the need to run back to feed the meter.

ParkMobile provides the flexibility of setting your desired time and a variety of payment options.
A parkmobile graphic showing the four steps. 1) Enter your Zone Number 2) Set Your Time 3) Select Your Vehicle 4)Pay & Go

ParkMobile Payments

ParkMobile now offers multiple ways to pay for parking, making it easyer than ever to skip the meter and go contactless.

Ways to Pay:

  • Pay by App: The full-featured app for IOS and Android provides the most complete parking experience. You can pay for parking or make a pre-paid reservation.
  • Pay by Web: New lightweight mobile web experience lets you quickly pay for parking without downloading the full app.
  • Pay by Text: Text "PARK" to 77223 and you will be able to quickly start a parking session.
  • Google Pay: Pay with ParkMobile right in the Google Pay app. Plus, quick links from Google Maps make it easy to navigate and start a parking session.

To learn more, visit ParkMobile.io.

Find Parking

Check the ParkMobile app or website to find available stalls. Please remember that your license plate must face the drive lane.

A parkmobile map showing available stalls on campus


Frequently Asked Questions