License Plate Recognition

What is License Plate Recognition?

License Plate Recognition, or LPR, eliminates the need for physical parking permits like hang tags. Permit users can add and maintain license plate information in their online parking accounts. Virtual registration of users' license plates will serve as their permit, granting access to K-State parking lots and the garage. LPR technology will add increased flexibility for permit holders.

Parking enforcement vehicles will have cameras installed that scan license plates automatically and verify if a permit is valid for the scanned vehicle. Images of license plates translate into digital data compared to the Parking Services database. The transition to LPR technology will enable Parking Services to more efficiently patrol campus parking. Parking Services will begin testing the new software in Fall 2022 ahead of full implementation in Fall 2023.

License Plate Recognition

Vehicle Registration

Students, faculty, and staff will establish their virtual permits by entering license plate information in the K-State parking portal. Current permit users are already familiar with this process. The LPR system offers real-time virtual permits and eliminates the need for customers to stand in line or wait for their hangtag to arrive in the mail.

Flexible Parking Permit Options

The LPR system aids Parking Services in better meeting the evolving needs of campus employees. Work schedules vary widely among K-State employees, whether in-person, remote, or hybrid. K-State employees require greater flexibility when choosing the permit that best suits their campus work schedules. As LPR continues to take shape, Parking Services will provide a more diverse selection of permit options than those previously available. More details to come.

Visitor Parking

Visitors will no longer need to print out a visitor permit or stop by Parking Services. Payment will be available upon arrival using a pay station in the parking garage or the ParkMobile app. This transition should ease event planning for organizers and guests and better accommodate all campus visitors. ParkMobile is currently in use on K-State's campus as an option to pay at parking meters. The ParkMobile app will expand for use beyond meters to include stalls throughout the university parking lots and the garage. Future announcements will provide step-by-step guidance for utilizing the app-based payment system.

Parking Services will advise event planners, departments, and attendees on visitor parking before the LPR system is live.

Patrol of Campus Parking

Parking enforcement vehicles will have cameras installed able to automatically scan and verify license plates to ensure they are registered. License plate images will be stored as digital data and compared to permits saved within the Parking Services database. The LPR technology will enable Parking Services to patrol more parking areas in a shorter amount of time.

License Plate Visibility

License plates must be visible to patrolling Parking Services' vehicles. The State of Kansas only issues rear plates. Therefore, drivers must park so their plate faces the drive lane. To avoid a citation or slowed patrol times for Parking Services staff, all individuals parking on campus should pull forward into the stall OR purchase a front license plate from the Parking Services Office at a cost of $6.

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