Stress Management Links

Problem Solving: Problem solving strategies from Kansas State University Counseling Services. 

Stress Relief: Strategies from Kansas State University Counseling Services

Stress Management: This site from University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point will help you determine your sources of stress and your symptoms of stress.

Relaxation Strategies: Click here for downloadable relaxation strategies (8MB & 12 MB)

Relaxation Techniques: An article from the Mayo Clinic on how to do several relaxation techniques.

Emotional Intelligence: Research has demonstrated that Emotional Intelligence—including interpersonal skills, communication, and emotional sensitivity—is a factor in individual happiness and success. Take the test to give you an idea of how emotionally intelligent you are.

Time Management Tips: Time management strategies from Kansas State University Counseling Services.

Time Management Workshop: A thorough time management on-line workshop from Virginia Tech University Counseling Services.