Events at the College of Arts and Sciences

Air Force ROTC
K-State Student Union
Find out how to take your college experience to new heights with hands-on leadership training at the highest level. Take part in games, demonstrations, activities and tours. Cadets and instructors will be on hand to answer any questions you might have and show you what Air Force ROTC is all about! We will also have informational booths in the Union and Engineering Complex.

K-State Student Union
Anthropology provides a deep understanding of the human experience through study of culture, language and human biology. Learn about careers helping communities, businesses, NGOs and governments better understand, empathize, aid and work with diverse people.

K-State Student Union
Army ROTC is a college elective that teaches you the skills needed for a successful career. Whether you choose a career in the Army or the corporate world, Army ROTC will provide you with the confidence and leadership skills you need to succeed in college and beyond.

Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics
K-State Student Union
Want to know the secrets of life? Learn about becoming a biochemist, including how molecules work inside a living cell. Extract DNA from strawberries, see glow-in-the-dark seeds and study the insects used in research on campus.

K-State Student Union
Want to learn about wildlife, meet some critters, and discuss cutting-edge research in genetics, microbiology, ecology and more? Come check us out at our booth in the Union! Watch demos by the K-State Student Chapter of the Wildlife Society and chat with our awesome graduate students and advisors!

Behind Closed Doors — Tour a Microbiology Lab
123 Ackert Hall | 11 a.m.-1 p.m.
Join us in exploring the microbiology lab! Current K-State biology students will have demonstrations with microscopes and share their experiences in their microbiology labs. You can also go upstairs to learn about the human body in 230 Ackert or go around the corner to learn about the diversity of life in 112 Ackert.

Behind Closed Doors — Tour a Human Body Lab
230 Ackert Hall | 11 a.m.-1 p.m.
Learn about human anatomy and physiology! Current K-State biology students from the Human Body Club will share their experiences from learning with cadavers. Check out a human skeleton and other cool things. Pop downstairs afterward to learn about microbiology in 123 Akert and the diversity of life in 112 Akert.

Behind Closed Doors — Check Out the Critters!
112 Ackert Hall | 11 a.m.-1 p.m.
Want to learn about mammals, birds, and fish? Current students will share their research experiences and demonstrations from our fisheries, wildlife and conservation program. You can explore other classrooms in Ackert Hall, like the Microbiology Lab in Room 123 and the Human Body Lab in Room 230.

Johnson Cancer Research Center
1 Chalmers Hall | 10 a.m.-noon
Learn how K-State is fighting cancer, visit a laboratory and get hands-on experience with lab equipment you see on TV! See if you have the skills to win a pipetting race!

Chapman Center for Rural Studies
K-State Student Union
Interested in a paid research internship? Learn how to join the Chapman Center team. The center is committed to researching, preserving and sharing the history of rural Kansas. Visit our booth and watch student projects in our mini-movie theater. Test your knowledge about Kansas history while learning more about what the center does.

K-State Student Union
Enjoy chemistry research and participate in a fun hands-on activity for all ages: making slime and taking it outside on a sunny day for an exciting surprise! Visit us in 114 Willard Hall at 10:30 a.m. for a glassblowing demonstration to see how molten glass is shaped for scientific research. At 11:30 a.m., students from Alpha Chi Sigma chemistry fraternity will put on a chemistry demonstration.

Communication Studies
K-State Student Union
Learn how a communication studies degree will help you prepare for today’s and tomorrow’s workplaces, make change in your communities and be an effective leader and advocate. You can customize your college experience through internships and research opportunities, as well as competing on our nationally recognized speech, debate or mock trial teams.

Nichols Hall, Basement studios 007, 008, 017, 026
Want to learn more about the dance program? Join us for a morning of dance for all ages- no experience required! Take workshops in a variety of styles while raising awareness for ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) with the K-State secondary majors and minors from 10:00-12:00.

ArtSci Diversity Committee
K-State Student Union
Visit our booth to learn about what the College of Arts and Sciences is doing to promote diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging at K-State and how you can get involved.

K-State Student Union
Discover the economics of “The Office,” test your financial literacy and explore what’s new in the world of economics.

K-State Student Union
Love to read or write? Explore your next chapter with English — one of K-State’s most versatile degrees. Order up a poem from the Poet-in-a-Box. Take a literary quiz to win a free book. Celebrate National Poetry Month by choosing a poem that speaks to you. See what English offers avid readers and creative writers.

Environmental Science
K-State Student Union
Come check out some of the tools of the trade used by professionals in this growing, high-demand field. Our interdisciplinary program brings together environmental science faculty from across the university to help prepare students for the growing environmental challenges of our world.

Geography and Geospatial Sciences
K-State Student Union
If you want to travel the world, explore how space interacts with time, develop knowledge to address environmental issues, or better understand global diversity, consider geography, come learn about what geography has to offer!

K-State Student Union
Jump to generate an earthquake and watch the seismic waves as they are recorded on a seismometer. Check out the cycle between different types of rocks on Earth. Use our microscopes to look through rocks and gemstones. Try to identify some minerals (fool’s gold, anyone?). Learn about the mineral and energy resources of Kansas.

Health Professions
K-State Student Union
Interested in a healthcare career? K-State is a great place to start. Stop by to meet current pre-health students, hear their stories and learn more about what K-State has to offer our future health professionals.

K-State Student Union
Learn how a history degree prepares students for successful careers not only as historians, archivists and curators/museum professionals, but also as lawyers, entrepreneurs, government officials and leaders in the nonprofit sector. Visit us in the Union to learn more.

Integrated Computer Science
K-State Student Union
Integrated computer science is a new degree in the College of Arts and Sciences that combines real-world programming skills with an individualized concentration in each student’s area of interest. Stop by our table in the Union to learn more about this unique degree and all the different career paths it can open for you.

Integrated Health Studies
K-State Student Union
The integrated health studies secondary major provides a foundation in humanities, social sciences and scientific reasoning. Your capstone experience will significantly strengthen your health school application! Learn more at our booth in the Union.

Journalism and Mass Communications
K-State Student Union
Feel the wind under your virtual rotors with our drone simulator, visit with students and faculty, and learn about exciting opportunities for student involvement in journalism and strategic communications! You can learn about public relations, videography, writing, photography and advertising opportunities with Manhappenin’ Magazine, Royal Purple Yearbook, Collegian, KSDB 91.9 FM and KKSU-TV! Then head over to our KKSU-TV broadcasting studio in Dole Hall and experiment with an operating green screen and teleprompter!

K-State Student Union
The Manhattan Mathematical Olympiad competition for grades 5-6, 7-8 and 9-12 will be from 9 a.m. to noon in 102 Cardwell Hall. Stop by 143 Cardwell between 1-3 p.m. for information about research in mathematics, the directed reading program and Math Club activities. The Department of Mathematics will also have a table at the Union from 9 a.m.-3 p.m.

Modern Languages
K-State Student Union
What if you didn’t need an interpreter to talk to your patients? Can you imagine problem-solving an issue with co-workers in a different country? Students and advisors at our table in the Union will answer your questions about where the world of languages could take you.

Tour the World in Games With Modern Languages
Eisenhower Hall lawn | 1-3 p.m.
Learn about the world and its languages through its games!
All ages welcome!

School of Music, Theatre, and Dance
K-State Student Union
If you like to make music, act or dance, regardless of your major, there are performance opportunities for everyone! Find us in the Union to explore exciting opportunities such as marching band, performing ensembles, plays, musicals and dance companies.

K-State Student Union
Stop by our table to challenge yourself with logic puzzles and brain teasers. We’ll show you how studying philosophy will not just equip you with skills to excel after college — whether in law school, business school or the working world — but also will enrich your life.

144 Cardwell Hall
Stop by Cardwell Hall to learn more about the Department of Physics and see some experiments in action.

Political Science
K-State Student Union
Learn how a political science degree develops many of the skills necessary for post-college success. Discover why countries go to war, how candidates win elections, how government programs are developed and much more.

Psychological Sciences
K-State Student Union
Psychology explores why people do things — including brain structures, mental processes and social forces that shape our perceptions, decisions and behaviors. Enjoy visual illusions, coloring sheets and opportunities to participate in rotating surveys.

Social Transformation Studies
K-State Student Union
Come check out the College of Arts and Sciences’ newest department, social transformation studies, which represents the merger of American ethnic studies and gender, women, and sexuality studies! If you’re interested in gaining knowledge and skills that will help you tackle social problems and change the world, stop by to talk to our faculty and students.

Social Work
K-State Student Union
Social work is a profession for those with a spark of idealism, a belief in social justice and a natural love for helping others. Social work offers the chance to serve a diverse group of people from various ethnicities, cultures, socio-economic backgrounds and environments.

Sociology and Criminology
K-State Student Union
Are you naturally curious about people and society? Do you want your career to be one that serves people? Sociology might be the major for you. Learn about the obvious and not-so-obvious career paths chosen by sociology graduates.

K-State Student Union
Are you a curious person who is interested in learning from data? If so, the science of collecting, analyzing and interpreting data may be for you. Visit us and learn about many education paths in the field of statistics.

K-State Student Union
As a theatre major, students gain a broad, comprehensive liberal arts education with opportunities for specialization in specific areas. Students develop skills in theatre that will prepare them for numerous production, performance and scholarship opportunities. Learn more at our booth in the Union.

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