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South Asian Studies

South Asia Studies

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Funding Resources

There are many funding sources for students and KSU faculty to support studies, research, curriculum development and other activities in South Asia. Several listed below are not exclusively for South Asia but support your objectives in South Asia. Each site also has links to various other resources and funding possibilities.

KSU International Incentive Grants: Jointly funded by the KSU Provost's Office and Office of International Programs, faculty grants support a broad range of activities: curriculum/course development, development of global learning opportunities for students, international research and teaching, international workshops/conferences and travel for planning collaborative projects.

KSU Hindi Language Scholarships:  Scholarships are offered through the Office of International Programs to support the study of Hindi.  Please see the Languages page of this website for more details.

American Institute of Indian Studies (AIIS): AIIS is a consortium of US universities in which KSU has been a member since the 1980's. The Institute is the leading private institute for US students and scholars for: doctoral research and senior fellowships; language programs and scholarships; affiliations with Indian universities, institutes and other organizations for their own and other funded projects.  In addition AIIS is the only non-governmental entity that can provide clearances for research visas. AIIS has a large and thriving language studies program for 11 Indian languages for summer, semester and year long programs. AIIS also administers study abroad programs for over 25 US universities. AIIS has its main offices at University of Chicago and New Delhi with regional offices in Kolkata and Pune. Vibhavari Jani, vjani@k-state.edu, Interior Architecture, is the KSU representative to AIIS.

American Institute of Pakistan Studies (AIPS): AIPS is a consortium of institutional and individual members founded to promote scholarship and research between the US and Pakistan. AIPS offers a number of services as well as short and long term fellowships, travel grants and teaching assignments in Pakistani universities.

American Institute of Bangladesh Studies (AIBS): AIBS is a consortium of institutional and individual member offering a variety of services and programs: junior and senior research fellowships, travel grants and workshops.

American Institute for Sri Lankan Studies (AISLS): Founded in 1996, AISLS promotes US research and teaching on Sri Lanka and builds links between US and Sri Lankan scholars and institutions. AISLS offers short and long term fellowships for scholars, pre-dissertation travel grants, and language program support.

United States Educational Foundations & Embassies: The US Educational Foundation is under the US Dept. of State's Bureau of Cultural and Educational Affairs. Each country has its own program and administers the Fulbright Program, usually joint commissions with the local country, for both local students & scholars coming to the US and US students/scholars going to that country. In addition each has special funded intiatives between the US and that country for scholars, students and inter-institutional linkages.

United States India Educational Foundation

United States Educational Foundation in Pakistan

United States Educational Foundation in Nepal

Embassy of the United States - Dhaka

Sri Lanka Fulbright Commission: Also handles the Fulbright program for the Maldives.

Bhutan: The Fulbright program for Bhutan is handled through the US Embassy in New Delhi.

Fulbright Scholars Program - CIES: Many opportunities for short to longer term research and teaching fellowships for students and faculty. The program for US students is particularly attractive and students should contact Jim Hohenbary, Asst. Dean of Arts and Sciences, adviser for this program, jimlth@k-state.edu. http://www.k-state.edu/artsci/scholarship/

Boren Scholarships and Fellowships: This program supports students studying parts of the world and languages deemed critical to US interests. Focus is on countries underrepresented in study abroad and less commonly taught languages. The program provides funding for both undergraduate and graduate students with awards of up $20,000 for undergraduates and $30,000 for graduate students.

Institute of International Education - IIE: IIE is the umbrella organization for the Fulbright Program. Faculty, Student, Community opportunities: grants, fellowships and other programs that can be used for South Asian studies.

US Department of Education - Office of Post-Secondary Education: This Department of Education office focuses on the development of international curricula and programs for US educational institutions. It administers some 60 programs including: Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Language program (KSU has received 4 of these), and Fulbright-Hays Group Projects Abroad (KSU has received at least 3 of these), plus many other curriculum related research grants for language acquisition, business, doctoral dissertation research, minority representation and participation in international studies, to name but a few.