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South Asian Studies

South Asia Studies

Dr. Robert Clark, Director

Department of Modern Languages

Eisenhower 14A

Kansas State University

Manhattan, KS 66506



South Asia Project Committee

Faculty from across colleges served on the South Asia Project committee that guided the development of this interdisciplinary program: 2009-2012.

Chair/PI: Barry H. Michie, Director International Program Support, Office of International Programs, sikarraj@k-state.edu, Anthropology & South Asia scholar.

Co PI: Bradley Shaw (Emeritus), Director International and Area Studies, Department of Modern Languages, bradshaw@k-state.edu; Replaced by Robert Clark, Department of Modern Languages, rclark@k-state.edu.

Sajid Alavi, Department of Grain Science, salavi@k-state.edu

Robert Corum (retired), Head of Modern Languages; Replaced by Prof. Salvador Oropesaoropesa@k-state.edu.

Sanjoy Das, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, sdas@k-state.edu.

Jana Hawley, Head, Department of Apparel, Textiles and Interior Design, now at University of Missouri - Columbia

Sheryl Hodge, Office of Educational Innovation and Evaluation, shodge@k-state.edu.

Swinder Janda, Department of Marketing, swinder@k-state.edu.

Aruna N. Michie (Emeritus), Department of Political Science, arunam@k-state.edu.

Bimal K. Paul, Department of Geography, bkp@k-state.edu.

Daryl Youngman, K-State Libraries, dyou@k-state.edu.

Participating Teaching Faculty (Also See Courses Page)


Sajid Alavi, Grain Science, salavi@k-state.edu.

Ted Cable, Forestry, Horticulture & Recreation Resources,  tcable@k-state.edu.

Tim Dalton, Agricultural Economics, TimothyDalton@agecon.ksu.edu.


Vibhavari Jani, Department of Interior Architecture & Product Design, vjani@k-state.edu, K-State representative to the Board of Trustees of the American Institute of Indian Studies

Arts and Sciences

Valerie Carroll, Women's Studies, carrollv@k-state.edu.

Mary Gollapalli, Modern Languages, mpgollap@k-state.edu, Hindi instructor

Jessica Falcone, Anthropology, jfalcone@k-state.edu.

Joye Gordon, Journalism and Mass Communication, gordon@k-state.edu.

Bimal Paul, Geography, bkp@k-state.edu.

Shireen Roshanravan, Women's Studies, sroshanr@k-state.edu.

Nadia Shapkina, Sociology, shapkina@k-state.edu.

David Stone, History, stone@k-state.edu.

Naomi Wood, English, njwood@k-state.edu.


Valerie Evans, Management, veevans@k-state.edu.

Chad Jackson, Management, cjackson@k-state.edu.

Swinder Janda, Marketing, swinder@k-state.edu.

Roger McHaney, Management, mchaney@k-state.edu.


Trisha Gott, Leadership Studies, tcgott@k-state.edu.

Marilyn Kaaf, Special Education, Counseling & Student Affairs, mkaff@k-state.edu.


James Steichen, Agricultural and Biological Engineering, steichen@k-state.edu.

Human Ecology

Anindita Das, Family Studies & Human Services, anidas@k-state.edu, will be teaching by distance education through Continuing Education.

Sherry Haar, Apparel, Textiles and Interior Design, haar@k-state.edu.

Technology and Aviation

Raju Dandu, Engineering Technology, rdandu@k-state.edu.

Greg Stephens, Technology Management, gregs@k-state.edu.