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South Asian Studies

South Asia Studies

Dr. Robert Clark, Director

Department of Modern Languages

Eisenhower 14A

Kansas State University

Manhattan, KS 66506



The South Asia program is the result of efforts by faculty involved in the South Asia Project. Starting with existing courses, the program has expanded to include new ones, either with completely South Asian content or revised to include at least 25% South Asian content. The project includes all colleges with undergraduate programs, including the professional, technical and applied fields. Faculty are also building linkages with South Asian universities and other institutions for faculty/curriculum development and to create opportunities for K-State students in South Asia.

College of Agriculture

Agricultural Economics: AGEC 615 - Global Agricultural Systems and Development. Prof. Tim Dalton

Grain Science: GRSC 790 (Topics) - Agriculture and Food Processing in North India (Topics). Prof. Sajid Alavi

Horticulture, Forestry & Recreation Resources: FOR 375 - Introduction to Natural Resource Management. Prof. Ted Cable

College of Architecture, Planning and Design

Interior Architecture: ENVD 299f - Indian Art, Architecture and Culture. Prof. Vibhavari Jani

College of Arts and Sciences

English: ENG 710 (Topics) - Childhood in India's Literature About and for Children. Prof. Naomi Wood

Geography: GEOG 200: Human Geography. Prof. Bimal Paul

Geography: GEOG 506 - Geography of South Asia. Prof. Bimal Paul

History: HIST 506 - History of Modern South Asia. Prof. David Stone

History: HIST 854 - History and Security: Modern South Asia. Prof. David Stone

Journalism and Mass Communications: MC 622 - International and Public Relations. Prof. Joye Gordon

Modern Languages: HINDI 101,102, 201, 201 - Hindi. Prof. Mary Gollapalli

Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work: ANTH 345 - Cultures of South Asia. Prof. Jessica Falcone

Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work: ANTH 515 - Creativity and Culture: The Anthropology of the Arts. Prof. Jessica Falcone

Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work: ANTH 516 - Ethnomusicology. Prof. Jessica Falcone

Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work: SOC 633 - Gender, Power and Development. Prof. Nadezda Shapkina

Women's Studies: WOMST 480 - Gender, Environment and Justice. Prof. Valerie Carroll

Women's Studies: WOMST 500 (Topics) - Love and Sex in India. Prof. Shireen Roshanravan

College of Business Administration

Management: MNGMT 366 - Information Technology for Business. Prof. Roger McHaney

Management: MNGMT 420 - Management Concepts. Prof. Valerie Evans

Management: MNGMT 497 (Topics) - Social Entrepreneurship. Prof. Chad Jackson (cross-listed with LEAD 502)

Management: MNGMT 531 - Human Resource Management. Prof. Valerie Evans

Marketing: MKTG 496 (Topics) - Emerging Markets: Focus on India. Prof. Swinder Janda

College of Education

Leadership Studies: LEAD 502 (Topics): Social Entrepreneurship. Prof. Trisha Gott (cross-listed with MNGMT 497)

Special Education, Counseling and Student Affairs: EDSP 710 - Education of Exceptional Individuals. Prof. Marilyn Kaff 

Special Education, Counseling and Student Affairs: EDSP 795 (Problems) - Service Learning in Developing Countries. Prof. Marilyn Kaff

College of Engineering

Biological and Agricultural Engineering: BAE 620 (Topics) - Problems in Agricultural Engineering. Prof. Jim Steichen

College of Human Ecology

Apparel, Textiles and Interior Design: AT 340 - Aesthetics of Apparel and Textiles. Prof. Sherry Haar

Apparel, Textiles and Interior Design: AT 695 - Apparel Pattern Development. Prof. Sherry Haar

Family Studies and Human Services: (Continuing Ed.) FSHS 300 - South Asian Youth Development in the Diaspora. Prof. Anindita Das

College of Aviation and Technology (Salina)

Arts, Science and Business: BUS 315 - Supervisory Management. Prof. Greg Stephens

Engineering Technology: MET 462 - Senior Design Project I. Prof. Raju Dandu

Engineering Technology: MET 464 - Senior Design Project II. Prof. Raju Dandu