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International Agreements

The Office of International Programs works with KSU faculty and staff on the development of International Agreements. There are different International Agreement templates, and the type of collaboration and activities involved in the partnership determines which International Agreement template should be utilized.

There are two standard templates that have been created and approved by the KSU Office of General Counsel: A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and a Student Exchange Agreement. It is important to note that some types of international collaboration and activities do not necessarily require an International Agreement.

If you have questions about international collaboration and/or are interested in developing an International Agreement, please contact the Office of International Program (oip@ksu.edu) for more information.

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU): A MOU is a formal agreement between K-State and an international institution. A MOU describes policy and procedures of mutual agreement. MOU’s are not legally binding but they carry a degree of seriousness and mutual respect.

Student Exchange Agreement: By State of Kansas law, all Student Exchange Agreements require approval of the KSU President, the Board of Regents, and the Governor of the State of Kansas. Student Exchange Agreements carry some financial risk, as it involves using tuition dollars to fund the cost of tuition and fees associated with the term abroad by the participating student. Implementing new Student Exchange Agreements can be difficult so the university needs to be strategic in its implementation of new Student Exchange Agreements. If you are interested in exploring the development of a new Student Exchange Agreement, please complete the Student Exchange Initiation Request Form ("word doc"). Once complete, please submit the Initiation Request Form to the Associate Provost, Grant Chapman (grantchapman@ksu.edu). Once received, the Initiation Request Form is reviewed by the Education Abroad Director and the Associate Provost for International Programs, and may include feedback from the KSU Provost & Executive Vice President, as well as the KSU President.

For more information on Student Exchange Agreements, read through the FAQs