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Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences

NRES Graduate Fellowship

General Information

The NRES Graduate Fellowship recognizes graduate students with exceptional teaching and/or research achievements and provides recipients with experience in interdisciplinary teaching and research mentoring (see Requirements of NRES Graduate Fellows below).  Fellows receive an award of $1,500 and must be enrolled in at least one credit hour at Kansas State University during the semester for which the fellowship is awarded.  Recipients are also eligible to apply for a maximum of one NRES Travel Award of $500 during the academic year in which the fellowship is awarded.

Doctoral students in any discipline with research in the general domains of natural resource management, environmental sciences, human-environment interactions, and sustainability science are eligible, and encouraged, to apply. Recipients will be selected by members of the NRES Governing Board.  Preferred applicants have completed preliminary exams, been admitted to candidacy, and are making excellent progress towards doctoral degree completion.

Fellowship funds may be expended at the recipient’s discretion for his or her dissertation, research expenses, research-related travel, and/or tuition.  Travel award funds may only be used for travel as described in the application.  Awards will be made without restriction to race, gender, national origin, religion, age, sexual orientation, disability, and financial aid or other awards.

Fellowship recipients are eligible to apply a second time for both the fellowship and travel award.  It is anticipated that 1-2 fellowships will be awarded for both fall and spring semesters.

Requirements of NRES Graduate Fellows

Students awarded NRES Graduate Fellowships will serve as research mentors for a multidisciplinary team of senior undergraduate students in the NRES capstone class (BAE/DAS/GENAG 582) during the semester for which the fellowship is awarded.  Each fellow should expect to invest approximately 3-4 hours per week in class related work and will report directly to the director of the NRES Secondary Major.  Key responsibilities include:

  • Attend scheduled class meetings and participate in NRES Seminar presentations and library training classes.
  • Mentor your team on conducting research and help students find ways to bring their majors' knowledge, skills, and talents to interdisciplinary work.
  • Ensure some form of field work is a key part of the research project undertaken by your team.  At minimum, conduct a study site visit early in the semester.  
  • Emphasize some form of data analysis – quantitative, qualitative, mixed methods – as part of the research project.
  • Get students involved in their own training.  Where appropriate have students teach the team on topics or skills learned from their major.
  • Help students prepare a professional oral presentation, written report or research manuscript, and poster appropriate for an professional academic conference.
  • Grade all assignments submitted by team members in a timely manner and conduct individual assessments for each student in your team.

Application Instructions

To be considered for a NRES Graduate Fellowship, prepare an application with the following materials:

  1. A completed NRES Graduate Fellowship cover sheet.
  2. A one-page statement summarizing your qualifications for the fellowship, your current research, and how award of the fellowship will advance your career goals in interdisciplinary teaching and/or research.
  3. At least one teaching evaluation from a past university course you led (if available).
  4. Your current curriculum vitae (CV).
  5. A copy of your most recent peer-reviewed publication that best represents your contributions to natural resource management, environmental science, human-environment interactions, or sustainability science.
  6. A letter from your major advisor supporting your application and briefly describing how fellowship funds will help you attain your current research or future professional goals.

Items 1-5 above should be compiled into a single PDF file and submitted to the director of the NRES Secondary Major at nres@ksu.edu with the subject line NRES Graduate Fellowship Application.  The letter of support can be included in the PDF submission or sent separately to nres@ksu.edu by major advisors.  

Application Deadlines

Fellowship applications for the Fall 2021 semester are due no later than April 23, 2021.

NRES Graduate Fellows

Spring 2021
Micah Cameron-Harp
Department of Agricultural Economics

Jessica de Oliveira DeMarco
Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Fall 2020
Amariah Fischer
Department of Geography and Geospatial Sciences