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Office of Nationally Competitive Scholarships

2007 Scholars

June 20: Jessica Ice, junior in Anthropology has been awarded a Gilman Scholarship to help her fund study abroad in Mexico, Peru and Argentina during Fall 2007. The Gilman funds undergraduate study abroad and awards up to $5000 to students who wish to broaden their understanding of the world through study in an international setting. Jessica is one of only about 420 students nationally to collect a Gilman in this application cycle.

June 15: Matt King, senior in Political Science with a secondary major in Natural Resource and Environmental Science, has been awarded a Fulbright Scholarship for 2007 to attend Oxford University in the United Kingdom and pursue a MS in Environmental Change and Management in the coming year. The Fulbright is one of the best known scholarship programs and fully funds an academic year abroad to almost any country. The UK is the most competitive destination in the Fulbright competition. Great accomplishment, Matt!

May 14: Kudos to Phuong Vu, junior in Political Science. He has been awarded a David L. Boren Undergraduate Scholarship to support study abroad in China in the coming year. One hundred forty-one students across the nation were awarded the Boren this year as individuals who plan careers in public service and intend to study abroad in countries/regions vital to national security. The Boren provides full funding for that international experience.

May 7: Janeal Schmidt, senior in Secondary Education, has been named a James Madison Fellow for 2007. Only about fifty are recognized nationally each year, ideally one per state. The James Madison Memorial Fellowship awards $24,000 to future teachers of social studies, history and/or civics who will pursue a graduate degree in history, political science or a related field to enhance their ability to teach about the U.S. Constitution and its context. Congratulations, Janeal.

April 26:Phi Kappa Phi Study Abroad Grants have been awarded for 2007. Only fifty of these $1000 awards are given out annually, and three K-Staters have won. They are Megan Dirks, sophomore in Business Administration and French; Cierra Elder, junior in Biology; and Rebecca Tokach, junior in Agricultural Economics and Animal Science. Congratulations to all three as they head abroad in the coming year.

April 5: Good news for Brad Lutz, senior in Electrical Engineering, and Ella Todd, junior in Marketing. They have been honored with the coveted Udall Scholarship for 2007. The Morris K. Udall Foundation awards approximately 80 $5000 scholarships to undergraduates interested in careers related to improving or protecting the environment. Sally Maddock, senior in Architecture, was also awarded $350 as Honorable Mention. Congratulations to all three.

April 4: Jonathan King, senior in Chemical Engineering, has been awarded a $5000 Phi Kappa Phi Graduate Fellowship for 2007. Phi Kappa Phi names sixty top seniors for the PKP Fellowship each year from a highly selective pool of applicants; each university can only nominate one student to the national competition. Congrats, Jonathan.

March 29: Hats off to Matt Basel, senior in Chemistry, Biochemistry and Biology; and to Meg Fasulo, senior in Chemistry, Biochemistry and Microbiology. Both are National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship winners for 2007. NSF Graduate Fellowships award money for tuition plus a $30,000 stipend and are renewable for three years of graduate funding. Additional congratulations are in order for Meredith Schlabach, senior in Mechanical Engineering; Jeffrey Amos, senior in Mathematics; Alyson Deines, senior in Mathematics; and Brooklyn Walker, alumni from Political Science for earning Honorable Mention in this highly competitive contest.

March 28: Jenna Kennedy, senior in PreMed Microbiology with a secondary major in Natural Resources and Environmental Science, has just been named a Truman Scholar for 2007. The Truman offers $30,000 for graduate school for students seeking careers in public service. Only 65 Truman Scholars were named in 2007. She hopes to work in the public health arena in Africa. Kudos to Jenna on an impressive accomplishment.

March 23: Congratulations to Jenny Buseman, Mike Reppert and Emily Viogt, Goldwater Scholars for 2007. Jenny majors in PreMed Microbiology. Mike majors in Chemistry, Biochemistry and Mathematics. And Emily majors in Chemical Engineering. The Goldwater recognizes undergraduates who show great promise as future researchers in math, science and engineering. This $7500 per year award is the top undergraduate award for students in those fields. Only about 320 were awarded in 2007.