Future Music Educators Day

Thursday, October 26, 2023

[for All High School students; will focus on auditions and preparations during the senior year]

8:45 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

All Faiths Chapel and McCain Auditorium

Hosted by the Division of Music Education
Sponsored by K-State School of Music theatre, and Dance

Each year, Kansas State University hosts the FUTURE MUSIC EDUCATOR’S DAY. The event allows high school students to experience a “Day-in-the-life-of” a music education student. Rather than being specifically a recruiting activity for the university, Future Music Educator’s Day is an attempt to expose potential music students to a career in music and education. It is more of recruitment for the profession than for any one institution.

Built in to their day’s schedule are the following meetings and presentations:

  • Meeting with faculty and student mentors
  • Visit of a Music Education class session
  • Visit of sessions on Instrumental, Choral, String, or Jazz Education
  • Observe a Band, Orchestra, or Choral rehearsal
  • Sessions on Music Education
    • So you want to be a music teacher
    • Preparing to be a music major in college

[Brochure (PDF) | Schedule]

Brocure and Schedule to be realeased in August 2023

Future Music Educators Powerpoint

Group Registration for Directors

Future Music Educators Day Registration (Individual)

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Are you Interested in Auditioning for Studio and Scholarships during this event? (No percussion auditions will be held on November 14, please contact Dr. Gartner at kgartner@ksu.edu to set up an alternate date.)

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