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Ho Ho No

Release date: Dec. 10

 Winter Pains, or Ho Ho No by the Writer's Room 2016

An irreverent look at the holiday season with songs and monologues. "Get the Hallmark hell-films out! Shove cinnamon sticks up your nose. Santa's coming, without a doubt, So get ready, Ho Ho Hoes."

Contains explicit language. 

Directed by Jerry Jay Cranford.

Program Notes

Gratitude Episode

Release date: Nov. 26

The Gratitude Episode, by alumni writers

Submissions from various Theatre alums who call Kansas and K-State home. A "must-hear" appreciation piece about K-State, the great state of Kansas, the land, and it's people. Directed by professor of theatre Jennifer Vellenga.


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 Release date: Nov. 12

ONE DEAD; ONE DYING is set in Springfield, Missouri, 1931-1932 and follows the events surrounding the Young Brothers Massacre on January 2nd, 1932, known as the deadliest single law enforcement gunfight in the 20th century. The tragedy shaped national law enforcement procedures regarding the capture and approach of known criminals. Written by Laura Camien ('94); adapted for podcast and directed by Jerry Jay Cranford.

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Release date: Oct. 29


Choke and Other Tales of the Weird and Unusual by alumni writers

Program Notes

In Choke, a mother and daughter encounter a stranger while driving across a bridge. Their fate is revealed by two cops investigating the scene of the incident. Directed by current student Hunter Parker. Written by Dan Shea ('97)

The following are directed by faculty member Chuck Leonard:

In Her Velcro Voice, a young father is struggling with the greatest loss he has ever faced, until he finds solace from an unexpected source, his radio hobby. The atypical, unruly young priest from his church, comes to check on him and finds a surprise when he visits him in his basement. Written by Cody O'Hare ('18)

Kill Grimm explores what you do when the flight runs out and all that's left is fight. It's an empty graveyard, "a freak in a dog mask" and you! Written by Blake Cordell

Leave No Trace follows a trip to the woods by three friends fleeing their psychopathic roommate. Will they get out alive? Written by Mitchell J. Ward ('16)

Pr(a/e)ying Mantis examines the conflict between moral and instinctual choices through the eyes of Will, a practicing vegetarian and religious praying mantis. Written by Andrea Browne ('20)

Return to Abandoned, by Jonah Kirkhart ('18), blends a tale of the old west, a lonesome man trying to find and save his wife, and a church where something evil seems to be occurring.




Shakespeare's Macbeth

Release date: Oct. 15

Macbeth by William Shakespeare

A brave Scottish general returns home from battle and receives a prophecy from a trio of witches. Consumed by ambition, Macbeth sets out on a path of murder that wracks him with guilt and paranoia. Directed by assistant professor of theatre David Mackay.

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