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School of Music, Theatre, and Dance

Application Requirements

Apply online

Application notes
  • GRE scores are not required
  • Recommendations will be requested via email from those listed on your application. 
  • Deadlines for domestic students:
    • Fall - July 1;
    • Spring - Dec 1;
    • Summer - May 1
  • Deadline for International students:
    • January 1
Online application will ask for the following
  1. Official Transcripts
  2. A Vita (resume)
  3. A short statement that tells us what you hope to get out of your graduate experience
  4. A recording from a live performance {a You Tube link or mp3}; or a written paper; or sample compositions; or a video of your teaching (an additional on-campus audition will be required)

Process and deadlines

  • Preliminary screening begins December 1.
  • Deadline for consideration for an assistantship and international applications is January 1.
  • Domestic applications will continue to be accepted following that date.
  • Once the application is complete, an audition will be set.

Review the International Applicant Requirements from the Graduate School.

Placement exams

Placement exams will be given one week pior to the beginning of the program.

Study guides for Theory (pdf) and History (pdf)

Tuition and fee schedules