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School of Music, Theatre, and Dance


From large instrumental and vocal ensembles to jazz and chamber groups, there are opportunities for everyone interested in participating in an ensemble at K-State. Some ensembles require an audition each fall, while others do not. Please follow the links below to learn about the incredible variety of ensemble opportunities.

For fall auditions information, please visit the websites below:


Dr. Frank Tracz, Director of Bands
email at: ftracz@k-state.edu

Alex Wimmer, Assistant Director of Bands
email at: amwimmer@k-state.edu


Dr. Julie Yu-Oppenheim, Co-Director of Choral Activities
email at: julieyu@k-state.edu

Dr. Joshua Oppenheim, Co-Director of Choral Activities
email at: joshuao@k-state.edu 


Dr. Wayne Goins, Director of Jazz Studies
email at: weg@k-state.edu


Ms. Rachel Dirks, Conductor
email at: rdirks@k-state.edu

Please see Student Organizations for K-State music organizations.