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School of Music, Theatre, and Dance

Choral Faculty

Dr. Joshua Oppenheim

Professor of Music/Co-Director of Choral Studies

Dr. Julie Yu

Professor of Music/Co-Director of Choral Studies

Mr. David Wood

Instructor of Music

Dr. Jong In Kim

International Scholar in Residence

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Michael Martin

Master's Student in Choral Conducting

Student Choral Staff 

Josie Jones

Prospective Student Manager

Spencer Pope

Social Media/Website Manager
In-A-Chord Sound Engineer

Kayleigh Ballesteros

Administrative Manager (Dr. Oppenheim)
In-A-Chord Business Manager

Hannah Sullivan

Administrative Manager (Dr. Yu)

Dustin Schneider

Collegiate Chorale Assistant

Abbi Davenport

In-A-Chord Music Manager

Student Choral Staff in Training 

Sydney Elmore

Social Media/Website Manager in Training

Amanda Letter

Prospective Student Manager in Training

Claire Weishaar

Ticketing/Merchandise Manager in Training

Claire Severance

In-A-Chord Manager in Training

Hope Reasoner

In-A-Chord Manager in Training

Cody Meyer

In-A-Chord Sound Engineer in Training

Choral Council

Amanda Letter, Alexis White, Claire Severance, Claire Weishaar, Hannah Sullivan, Hope Reasoner, Indigo Belanger, Josie Jones, Karlena Colon, Kayleigh Ballesteros, Lillian Bowen, Spencer Pope, Sydney Elmore