Major Professor Expectations

Expectations for Master of Music Major Professor:

  • Fall of first year:
    • Review and revise/accept the Program of Study developed by the Chair for Graduate Studies.
    • Begin discussing possibilities for the graduate report. The content of the Gradate Report is defined so MUSIC 801 Introduction to Graduate Studies can begin the research process.

The graduate report may be satisfied by one of the following: A scholarly paper on some aspect of the student’s major area of teaching; A research report supporting future directions for the student's career; An original composition of acceptable proportions, with an accompanying report; A recital on the student’s major instrument under the conditions listed under the performance major; A lecture recital demonstrating researched pedagogy; Or any other scholarly project as approved by the Major Professor.

  • Communicate the following timeline (reinforcing what is communicated by the Chair for Graduate Studies):
  • Students are to submitthe Program of Study to the graduate school.
  • Encourage and enable the students to attend all graduate seminars.
  • Spring of first year:
    • Confirm with students the type of graduate report to be developed and guide the students to research the majority of data necessary for developing the report.
    • Help students to set a graduate committee meeting so they can present and have accepted their graduate report proposal that will be developed in MUSIC 898.
  • Fall of the second year:
    • Guide the students through writing the graduate report (they are expected to get a majority of work completed during the summer, then throughout semester 3). This completed version is to be submitted to the Major Professor before Christmas break so you can review it and prepare to guide the students through the editing process.
  • Spring of second year:
    • Work with the students through revisions toward the final version, which is to be forwarded to the committee by the middle of March. (the final edited version must be submitted a minimum of two weeks before the final examination or it should not be accepted by the committee)
    • Last Friday in March: Confirm that the students have completed the application for graduationg submitted via KSIS and have submitted the “Application for Final Examination”
    • On or before the second Friday in April: Complete the Final Examination
    • Third Week in April: is the final date for students to submit final edited version of the Graduate Report along with any recordings that are to be submitted.