Neil Dunn


Production Manager, Dance, Percussion

Nichols 004

Neil teaches Rhythmic Notation for Dancers, Composition for Dancers, West African Music and Dance, and teaches Applied Percussion, and coaches percussion ensembles for the Kansas State University School of Music, Theatre, and Dance. Neil also serves as lead academic advisor for Dance and as Production Manager for Dance productions.

Neil earned a Master of Music with Percussion Emphasis from the University of Arizona in 2002 and is Principal Timpanist for the Topeka Symphony Orchestra and the Arizona Opera Company orchestra. Neil has worked as a dance accompanist since 1994 and worked closely with the U of A School of Dance as an educator, composer, and senior accompanist from 2000 to 2005. Neil has performed with dance at ACDFA, PASIC, and Jazz Dance World Congress, in addition to international venues.

Neil's other areas of interest and research include the study of West African social dance and drumming and the African xylophones from northern Ghana.

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