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Master of Public Health Program

Reports of Past Experiences

Kansas Research Exchange (K-REx) is an electronic repository maintained by Hale Library.  It contains full text of theses, dissertations, and reports submitted by K-State graduate students. In most cases, papers are available by the end of the semester in which the student graduates. Coverage begins Fall 2006 for doctoral dissertations and Fall 2007 for masters papers, although some theses and dissertations are available from Fall 2004-Summer 2006.

MPH students submit their Integrated Learning Experience (ILE) reports to the MPH Program Office once the paper is complete and has gone through the final edits requied by the student's committee.  The MPH Program Office submits the reports to K-REx.

To view past reports and Theses prepared by MPH students, see:  K-REx Repository of MPH Reports

Videos of Reports

Palliative radiotherapy in terminal decision making in dogs with advanced cancer, 2022
Covid-19 vaccine hesitancy in Riley County, Kansas, 2022
Health Belief Model and Vaccination, 2021
Tularemia in Kansas, 2012-2015
Handwashing at the State Fair, 2016
Clean Water Interventions in Nicaragua, 2016
Child Nutrition Programs, 2017
Health-related Messaging, Results of a CASPER Survey, 2017
A NC Field Experience, 2018
Analysis of the Annual Influenza Vaccination Event Hosted by the Riley County Health Department, 2018
Effects of a Brief Web-based Intervention on Motivation, Attitude, and Physical Activity in Adults, 2018
The Role of Disease Intervention Specialists in Public Health, 2018
Identifying Gaps in Rabies Post-Exposure Prophylaxis in Hunan Province, China, 2018
AMOS Health and Hope - A Community Based Primary Healthcare Approach to Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) in Rural Nicaragua, 2018
Black Butterflyz, 2019