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Master of Public Health Program


All MPH degree students at Kansas State University must complete a ILE, chosen from two main possibilities with the assistance and advice of their major professor, supervisory committee members and the MPH Program Director.  The options available are:

Possible Experiences:

  1. ILE Report.  Students complete six credit hours of MPH 840 which includes a project completed for a non-academic setting.  The ILE written document/report needs to be of high quality and is presented with an oral exam (which includes the oral presentation); or

  2. Public Health Thesis Research. Student completes six credit hours of public health thesis research and three credit hours (180 hours) of MPH 840. The thesis research should be focused on population-based health questions rather than on basic research in a laboratory. 

Both options above require synthesis and documentation of the chosen Foundational Competencies and unique Emphasis Area Competencies.