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Master of Public Health Program

Travel Awards

The MPH Program has resources to offset MPH 840 travel expenses.  Eligibility is limited to MPH students properly enrolled for MPH 840 credit the semester they use the funds AND who have submitted their Applied Practice Experience form.  Fill out the application below and return it to the MPH Program office.

Generally you are not reimbursed for living expenses or rent.  Be sure to document your expenses and calculations (i.e., 50 miles at $ for x number of days). The types of travel expenses you may be reimbursed for are listed below.  If you need help or have questions, please contact the MPH Program Office.

  • Mileage from Manhattan, KS to your field experience site
  • Commuting mileage from your apartment to your field experience site
  • Mileage for field experience data gathering
  • Bus or train passes
  • Registration for and travel to conferences associated with your field experience

Other Possible Scholarships/Travel Awards


K-State Graduate Student Council Travel Awards.  The Kansas State University Graduate Student Council (GSC) supports graduate student travel to professional events. Participation in these events provides students with opportunities to advance their research and build their professional network. Attending professional events also enhances the graduate student experience as well as the visibility of the university.

AVMA Student Externship Stipend Program. Offers assistance to student seeking to broaden their education through experience in Public Practice, Corporate Veterinary Medicine and Food Supply Veterinary Practice.

James B. Pearson Fellowship. Established by former Kansas Senator Pearson to   encourage graduate students from Kansas public universities to experience the   global perspective gained from study abroad.  Preferences given to applications whose studies are directly related to foreign affairs. The average stipend provided is $2,456.00

McKelvie Scholarship. Their mission is to promote and strengthen public service leadership in both the public and private sector. Thus, for the purpose of application evaluation, “public service” is defined broadly as public and private sector professions that serve the human community. These include but are not   limited to local, state, and federal government employment careers in not-for-profit entities, advocacy groups, or other community service professionals.