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Master of Public Health Program

Information for Preceptors

Reasons to Host a Master of Public Health Student

MPH graduate students add an extra dimension to your agency or organization: Students in the Master of Public Health (MPH) degree program have many skills that can be beneficial to both large and small organizations.  Students can:

  • Conduct needs assessments/data analysis
  • Produce educational materials
  • Produce survey instruments and validation
  • Develop intervention strategies with outcomes
  • Work on projects to which organizations are often unable to devote time and funding

MPH graduate students require less training than most new employees: Students come pre-trained. Each student will have completed much of the required coursework before starting the Applied Practice Experience (APE) in public health. All students will have a basic understanding of the core concepts and functions of public health and in-depth knowledge and skills in their selected area of emphasis (food safety/biosecurity or infectious diseases/zoonoses or public health nutrition or public health physical activity). MPH graduates require less time-consuming and costly training than most new employees that have no experience in public health work settings.

MPH graduate students improve services for your target population or clients: The student can often take over tasks, other than clerical, that will allow you to spend more time helping your clients or constituents.

MPH graduate students increase the diversity of your employees: Students come from a wide variety of social, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds. Current students are veterinarians, food scientists, dietitians, physicians, chemists, and community wellness specialists. They come from different states, cultures, and countries. Diversity is an asset that Kansas State University is proud to share.

MPH graduate students help train your supervisors: Supervising a student can contribute to increased management experience for regular employees already in supervisory positions.

MPH graduate students are investments in the future of public health in Kansas: Practical training as part of an advanced degree program makes graduates more effective and capable leaders in the public health community. Students leave the program better prepared to enter the workforce to improve the health and quality of life for citizens throughout the world.

FAQs for Preceptors