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Master of Public Health Program

Applied Practice Experience in Public Health

All Master of Public Health (MPH) degree candidates at Kansas State University are required to complete an Applied Practice Experience (APE) at an off-campus, non-academic, public health practice organization. The purposes are to:

  • Provide a bridge between professional academic preparation and public health practice;
  • Allow the student to apply the knowledge, attitudes, and skills learned in the core public health courses and the area of emphasis courses in an agency setting under the supervision and guidance of a mentor-preceptor who has significant public health training and/or experience.

Typically the APE is completed at the end of the coursework for the MPH so that the student may apply the knowledge gained from their graduate courses.

Note: Your Program of Study needs to be completed, signed by your committee and the MPH director, and approved by the Graduate School BEFORE your APE form will be processed by the MPH office.