Public Health Physical Activity

Emphasis in Public Health Physical Activity

The curriculum prepares professionals in physical activity promotion research and evidence-based practice. Courses examine the psychological as well as social and environmental factors associated with initiating and/or adhering to exercise programs and physically active lifestyles.

Note: All students admitted Fall 2018 and beyond MUST follow the course list below.

“Core” requirements (15 credit hours)
Each student in the MPH Program must complete these required public health core courses:

  • Biostatistics: MPH 701 Fundamental Methods of Biostatistics (3 hrs)
  • Environmental health sciences: MPH 802 Environmental Health (3 hrs)
  • Epidemiology: MPH 754 Introduction to Epidemiology (3 hrs)
  • Health services administration: MPH 720 Admin. of Health Care Organizations (3 hrs)
  • Social and behavioral sciences: MPH 818 Social and Behavioral Bases of Public Health (3 hrs)

Specific Emphasis Area Requirements

Required = 10 Hours
Some courses listed may require prerequisites before being allowed to enroll in the course.

KIN 610

Program Planning and Evaluation (3 hrs)

KIN 612

Policy, Built Environment and Physical Activity (3 hrs)

KIN 805

Physical Activity and Human Behavior (3 hrs)

KIN 890

Graduate Seminar in Physical Activity (1 hr)

Elective courses = 11 hours (list of courses)

Culminating experience - MPH 840 (6 credit hours)

Total hrs required for MPH Degree (42 hours)

All MPH graduate students must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or above in ALL graduate course work to remain in good standing in the program and to graduate with an MPH degree. Detailed information concerning this requirement may be found on the Graduate School website:

PHPA Emphasis Area Competency

Description of Competency


Population health

Investigate the impact of physical activity on population health and disease outcomes.


Social, behavioral and environmental influences

Investigate social, behavioral and environmental factors that contribute to participation in physical activity.


Theory application

Examine and select social and behavioral theories and frameworks for physical activity programs in community settings.


Developing and evaluating physical activities interventions

Develop and evaluate physical activity interventions in diverse community settings.


Support evidence-based practice

Create evidence-based strategies to promote physical activity and communicate them to community stakeholders.

(PDF - Competencies Requirement)