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French Courses Spring 2022

Prerequisite French Courses

FREN101- French 1. 11057, MTWU 9:30-10:20 with Dr. Lavinia Horner. In this five credit introductory course students will learn the basic of the French Language, including grammar, simple senetences, and basic conversational French. No prior knowledge of French is needed in oder to take this course.    FREN 102- French 2. 11059, MTWU 11:30-12:20 with Dr. Lavinia Horner. In this five credit beginner's course, students will continue to build the foundation in their learning of the French Langauge. This course will help students better prepare for future courses.  prerequiste: FREN101 or equivalent


FREN 103 – Beginning Accelerated French(Distance) Section ZA: 16543, MTWU 10.30-11.20 This accelerated course provides students with credit for FREN 101 and FREN 102. In this five-credit course students will learn the basics of the French language, and they will also engage infun cultural activities such as researching celebrities from the Francophone world. As the semester progresses, students will continue to build the foundation in their learning of the French language. • No prior knowledge of French is required. • Upon successful completion, students may enroll directly into French 300.     French 300- French III 12154, MTWU 12:30 - 1:20 p.m. with Dr. Lavinia Horner  In this five credit intermediate course, students will continue advancing their French language skills and cultural awareness. A focus of this course will be the study of fairytales and includes the study of multimedia content.   Prerequisites: FREN102, 103 or equivalent.              FREN301-French 4. Section A: 11061, MWF 9.30-10.20 AM with Dr. Lavinia Horner. In this four credit intermediate course, students will continue to refine their language skills and cultural understanding. In addition to review of basic grammatical structures, this course focuses on Paris as a theme- its history, culture, and geography. Many materials studied include music, film, literature, and cultural materials. This course uses an open textbook  Perquisite: FREN 300 or equivalent

Spring 2022 French 500 Level Courses


FREN 512: Music, Theater and Dance in French Cinema, Dr. Robert Clark (rclark@ksu.edu) (A: 13783) (TU 9:30-10:45 PM, EH 001. FREN 512): Film and Stage in the French Cinema, Dr. Robert Clark (rclark@ksu.edu) (A: 15724, TU 11:30-12:45, EH 001A). This course will look at how cinema, theater, and dance are represented in French film. We will be interested primarily in how these forms of representation are depicted as institution, as practice, as milieu, etc. Our goal will be to place the films within the context in which they were made and to explore how the cinema views these other types of performance. We will perhaps also watch films in which cinema reflects on its own practices. Films will include Jean Renoir’s French Cancan, Carné’s Children of Paradise, Demy’s Demoiselles de Rochefort, Truffaut’s Day for Night and Resnais’ Hiroshima mon amour. The course will be taught in English unless all enrolled students are taking it for French credit. The latter will complete all written work in French. The course may be repeated if the theme is different.

FREN520- Introduction to French Literature (19th Century to the Present)Section A: 11065, MWF  1.30-2.20 PM  Dr. Lavinia Horner  FREN 520 will consist of the reading and discussion of a broad selection of French-language texts from across several different genres: novel, poetry, memoir, etc. Some of the authors that we will study are A. Rimbaud, P. Verlaine, Colette, and F. Guène, and some of the themes that we will discuss focus on forbidden love affairs, social outcasts, depression, sensuality, and teen struggles. Taught in French.   FREN514- Contemporary France 17148, MWF 11:30 a.m. - 12:20 p.m. with Dr. Robert Clark Offers a survey of the historical forces (history, religion, and language) and contemporary factors (immigration, multiculturalism, and education) that have made the French republic the complex society that it is today. A thorough treatment of these themes is complemented by several films on which students will write a series of reaction papers. Given in French. Prerequisite: FREN301 (French IV)

Spring 2022 French 700 Level Courses

FREN 711-Seventeenth Century French Literature   16740,TU 1:05-2:20 PM with Dr. Melinda Cro Molière à 400 ans / Molière 400. 2022 is the 400th anniversary of Molière’s birth and theaters around the world are celebrating his birth this year, including Kansas City (KC Molière 400)! In honor of the most famous French playwright of the seventeenth century and one of the best loved comedic minds of the world, this course will examine all things Molière. We will study several of his plays and how they have been adapted over time in various formats and modes. Through an interdisciplinary approach that will draw on digital humanities, performance studies, and literary and cultural studies, we will explore Molière’s impact on his time and his enduring legacy on the global scale. We’ll also participate in the global festivities! All texts will be open access.   Questions? Contact Dr. Melinda Cro, macro@ksu.edu     FREN 709: French Medieval Literature: Cherchez la femme, Dr. Robert Clark (rclark@ksu.edu) (A: 16606, TU 2:30-3:45 PM, EH 001). In this course, we will read medieval French texts from a range of literary genres (chivalric romance, short narrative, lyric poetry, theater) through texts such as Chrétien de Troyes, Erec et Enide; Marie de France, Les Lais; Heldris de Cornouailes, Le Roman de Silence; Béroul/Thomas, Le Roman de la Rose; a selection of lyric poetry; Le Jeu d’Adam; etc. The overarching theme will be the representation of women in society. The course will also include an initiation into reading Old French. Given in French. Prerequisite: FREN 520 or 521 and one other 500-level course or consent of instructor.