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Department of Modern Languages

Dr. Laura Valentín-Rivera

Associate Professor

Research Interests Photo of Dr. Laura Valentin-Rivera

Spanish heritage language learners' literacy development and collaboration mediated by social tools (i.e., Google docs, Wikis, blogs) 

Grants and Awards
  • Laura Valentín-Rivera and Li Yang were awarded a USRG grant of $7,824.99 in the Spring for their research on Writing Processes across Two Languages and Working Modes: Understanding Individual and Collaborative Writing Strategies in Spanish and Chinese FL contexts. (2016)

  • Laura Valentín-Rivera and Angélique Courbou received $5,000 from the Alternative/Open Textbook Initiative to develop an open access textbook for their Spanish Composition and Grammar course. (2016)

  • Laura Valentín-Rivera was awarded a USRG grant of $2,836.25 in the Fall, for her research on Understanding the Writing Practices of Spanish Heritage Language Learners. (2015)