HOW TO: Add a single Mediasite presentation to a Canvas module

The following describes how to add a single presentation to a page within a Canvas module.

  1. In your Canvas course, navigate to the module where you want to place your Mediasite content.

  2. Select the + button adjacent to the module.

  3. Choose Page, and then select [Create Page].

  4. Provide a name for the page next to Page Name.

  5. Select Add Item.

    Configuring page options in Canvas

  6. Select the name of the newly created content page to view it, and then select Edit in the top-right corner.

  7. In the Canvas rich content editor, select the Mediasite tool icon.

    Mediasite option in the Canvas rich content editor

  8. Select Presentation to add an individual presentation to the page.

    Presentation option

  9. You can select from your most recent presentations, or you can search for a presentation by name. To search, type the query in the search bar and press the Enter/Return key on your keyboard.

    Pro tip: to display all of your content, select the search bar and press the Enter/Return key on your keyboard to submit an empty search query.

    Locate your presentation

  10. Select the button adjacent to the presentation you want to insert into the page and then select one of the following four options:

    Presentation Link simply inserts a text-based link containing the name of the presentation.

    Abstract Only inserts the title of the presentation which will open the presentation when clicked, any metadata about the presentation such as the description or presenter information (if available), and the presentation thumbnail image.

    Player Only inserts an embedded player so the presentation can be viewed directly on the page.

    Abstract + Player will insert the abstract with the embedded player below the abstract.

    Note: if you see a button labeled Make Viewable, the presentation's visibility is currently set to Private. If the presentation is set to Private, you will be able to view it, but your students will receive an error saying the presentation is unavailable. Select Make Viewable to set your presentation's visibility to Viewable and enable the button that inserts the presentation into the page.

  11. Select Save to commit your edits and preview the page. You can modify the content by selecting Edit again and making further changes in the rich content editor.

  12. Publish your new page as well as your module in Canvas so students will be able to view them.