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Minors and Certificates

Students can enhance their learning and add academic emphasis in a variety of areas through professionally recognized certificates, minors and credentials.

To declare any A.Q. Miller School certificate or minor, please complete the online registration form and our office will submit your request. To drop or remove a certificate or minor, please complete this form.

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Learn how to communicate strategically and ethically and plan digital media campaigns.

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Gain communication skills that will benefit any career path.

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Explore writing, production and journalism.

Undergraduate Certificates

(NEW) Digital Engagement Certificate Online

Upskill and get certified remotely in digital marketing, digital branding, content marketing, social media and digital asset management. The online digital engagement undergraduate certificate is a 12-hour program with four, eight-week courses that will enable you to get certified in four to six months, 100 percent online.

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(NEW) Certificate in Social Media Management

The 15-hour undergraduate Certificate in Social Media Management is designed for all majors seeking to expand and enhance their knowledge and skills in social media strategies and best practices, daily management, and content creation.

Certificate coordinator:
Jana Thomas, Professor of Practice,

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Certificate in Travel and Tourism Promotion

The certificate in Travel and Tourism Promotion combines specialized skills from the hospitality management and advertising and publication relations courses that directly relate to providing media and communications skills for travel and tourism professionals. The certificate will be awarded to students who achieve a superior level of expertise in the communication relationship-building and management aspects of travel and tourism.

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Graduate Certificates

Digital Media for Educators Graduate Certificate

The online interdisciplinary graduate certificate in digital media for educators will help you build advanced knowledge, confidence and skills to effectively use a range of educational technology, digital media and social media. The program is designed for working professionals, specifically teachers, university faculty, administrators and graduate students, seeking to upskill in their current roles.

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Strategic Health Communication Graduate Certificate

This interdisciplinary certificate equips learners with the necessary skills to analyze data, design strategic plans, create content and effectively communicate to various audiences about public health issues to improve and enrich personal and community behaviors and public health practices. The certificate is designed for working professionals in public health and hospital administration, health care, environmental communication, public relations, research, media, government and many others, as well as graduate students.

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Partner Certificates

Certificates in partnering departments that include courses from the A.Q. Miller School of Media and Communication

The Business of Sports and Entertainment Certificate (Undergraduate)

The business of sports and entertainment certificate program will provide students with a deep understanding of the role of sports and entertainment in business, enhanced by hands-on, real-time experiential learning opportunities. The certificate allows students to develop marketing, economic, and management skills needed for a successful career in the sports and entertainment industries, but also in corporations where sports and entertainment decisions are made.

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Certificate in Global Health, Medicine, and Society (Undergraduate)

The certificate in Global Health, Medicine, and Society prepares students to examine health issues as a result of the interrelation between biological, social and environmental factors. The certificate is unique in its integration of the medical humanities and the social sciences of health. Students pursuing the certificate will gain an understanding of the complexity of global health issues and their relation to animal, climate, and environmental health, as well as social inequality and injustice.

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Conflict Resolution Certificate (Undergraduate and Graduate)

The certificate in Conflict Resolution offers students the fundamentals of conflict resolution and practice. While the program is designed for students who want introductory training in the field of conflict resolution, it is also ideal for lifelong learners who already have either a bachelor's or master's degree and would benefit from academic study of conflict analysis and resolution so they can apply their knowledge in their current professional settings. All courses are offered on campus and online (distance education).

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Film Studies Certificate (Undergraduate)

We are increasingly negotiating life through a screen. As screen images become easier to consume and easier to create, we need professionals who can harness the power and cultural history of the moving image and who understand the elements of narrative, light, cinematography, and sound. An undergraduate certificate in Film Studies prepares students for careers in industrial and commercial filmmaking, advertising, film criticism, secondary education, entertainment, television journalism, documentary, social media, graduate studies, and more.

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Technical Writing and Professional Communication Certificate (Graduate)

The graduate certificate in technical writing and professional communication recognizes the complexities and demands of written, oral, and digital communication in the workplace as well as the interdisciplinary character of writing and communication studies in the academy. Thus, while centered on writing, the certificate includes course options in rhetoric, communication, design, digital media, speech, and group dynamics.

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