Colene Lind, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Campus office: 227 C Nichols Hall | 785-532-6849


Current Courses


  • Communication and Democracy
  • Communication and Leadership
  • Political Communication
  • Senior Honors Thesis
  • Persuasion


  • Rhetorical Criticism
  • Persuasion
  • Political Communication
  • Publics and Policymaking

Colene J. Lind (Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin) is an associate professor of communication and director of the Institute for Civic Discourse and Democracy at Kansas State University. Lind studies civic and political discourse, focusing on the language and rhetoric of democracy. Her scholarship has been published in Leadership, the International Journal of Communication, and the Journal of Public Deliberation. Through her research, she aims to improve politics for more inclusive and effective decision making by offering leaders, policy makers, and citizens practical ways to think and speak differently. Raised on a farm in Nebraska, Lind is sensitive to the tradeoffs between stakeholder voices and the common good in agriculture, environmental, science, and economic policy. Having lived in rural Kansas for more than 25 years, Lind also values the Sunflower State’s people, places, and history, which make per aspera ad astra not a mantra but a reality.

Dr. Lind's CV can be found here.