Alan Boyer

Professor of practice, Assistant director for digital innovation in media | 678-360-2779

Professor Boyer, based in Duluth, GA, maintains a virtual office on Zoom. Please email to set up an appointment.

Professor Boyer, a K-State master’s alum, member of the National Advisory Council and recently named Professor of Practice in the A.Q. Miller School, created and leads the BS in Digital Innovation in Media program in collaboration with the Colleges of Engineering and Business Administration, the Sunderland Foundation Innovation Lab, Global Campus and K-State Salina.

A member of the graduate faculty, Boyer returned to K-State as a visiting adjunct in 2019, bringing to K-State a 35-year distinguished marketing, digital media and communications career in industry with several Fortune 500, Fintech 100 companies and other organizations; and 17 years of university-level teaching and administration with public and private colleges, universities and law schools throughout the Southeast.

Boyer, who serves on the steering and curriculum committees, teaches the following online courses for the A.Q. Miller School:

  • MC 120 Principles of Advertising
  • MC 265 Innovations in Media and Communication
  • MC 365 Writing in a Digital Economy
  • MC 445 Digital Brand Strategy
  • MC 456 Media Relations
  • MC 479 Strategic Sports Communications
  • MC 565 Going Mobile!

As a visiting adjunct from Fall 2019 to Spring 2022, Boyer:

  • Led the launch of the Online Bachelor’s in Mass Communications
  • Conceived and developed several initiatives:
    • The new interdisciplinary BS in Digital Innovation in Media
    • The Online Undergraduate Certificate in Digital Engagement
    • The Online Graduate Certificate in Digital Media for Educators in collaboration with the College of Education.
    • Online Graduate Certificate in Strategic Health Communications in partnership with the College of Vet Medicine.
    • Five new courses; MC 490/445 Advertising in a Digital World, MC 265 Innovations in Media and Communications, MC 365 Writing in a Digital Economy, MC 565 Going Mobile! and COMM 470 Building Social and Cultural Connections.

Boyer has been affiliated with K-State since 1971 when his father, the late Dr. James Boyer, was recruited as the first African American graduate professor in the College of Education.