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McNair Scholars Program

Due to COVID-19 health and safety concerns, the McNair Scholars Program has gone online.

Office Hours
McNair staff are available to meet by appointment. You may email, text, or call to schedule a meeting.

If you have scheduled a meeting via Zoom, we have a static link for our McNair Digital Office

We are temporarily asking that you call or text 785-260-0291 (Program Manager Cheryl Rauh's cell) if you need to reach us by phone. We will check the office voicemail periodically each day as well.

TRIO McNair Scholars Program

The Ronald E. McNair Postbaccalaureate Achievement Program (McNair Scholars Program) is a TRIO Program funded by a grant from the federal Department of Education to prepare talented undergraduates for graduate study, with the goal of increasing the number of Ph.D. recipients from underrepresented socio-economic and ethnic groups. To be eligible, students must either be first-generation and economically disadvantaged, or a member of a group that is underrepresented in higher education.

The McNair Scholars Program is a program within the Office of Student Success and is structured to prepare undergraduates for successful careers as professors and professional researchers. Scholars receive advice and assistance in preparing themselves academically for graduate school, searching for graduate programs to apply to, completing the application process, and deciding what program to enter. This preparation is offered in the form of classes, colloquia, advising, tutoring, faculty mentoring, and the completion of a Summer Research Internship. Scholars conduct original research, write reports, make presentations, and have the opportunity to attend research conferences.