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Guides to Majors and Programs

In order to ensure future students have the most up-to-date information and to give colleges and departments ample opportunity to have their updates incorporated into the virtual viewbook, the Division of Communications and Marketing coordinates two opportunities per academic year for updates to the 'Guides to Majors and Programs' – once in fall and once in spring. 

A timeline for the Fall 2017 update is as follows:

Sept. 29

By this date, Communications and Marketing will have sent the most recent version of your study guide(s) via email to all departmental/college contacts. The email will be coming from 'Guides to Majors and Programs' – 

Oct. 20

This is the deadline for all colleges/departments to have returned their marked up drafts to Communications and Marketing. Please provide either a hand-marked copy of the guide via campus mail (ATTN: Megan Saunders) or attach a word document via a return email to guides@k-state.edu that details required changes as clearly as possible.

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not respond by this date, your guide will not be modified in Fall 2017. Your next available opportunity to make changes will be during the Spring 2018 update cycle.

Nov. 3

By this date, Communications and Marketing will have returned all second drafts via email only to departments/colleges who request to review their revised content.

Nov. 17

This is the deadline for departmental/college contacts to have returned all final changes/approvals to Communications and Marketing.

Dec. 15

By this date, all guides will have been completely updated by Communications and Marketing. They will be ready for print order and loaded to the Admissions website. Additionally, upon project completion, a spreadsheet will be shared that contains the file names of each of the guides that you can reference when submitting print orders for your guides.

Ordering printed guides

Three versions of each guide are created: a hi-res version (for the printed viewbook); a low-res version (for the Admissions website and the virtual viewbook); and a print-ready version for University Printing. The print-ready versions will be distributed to University Printing by Communications and Marketing so that you may submit your print orders directly to University Printing at uprint@k-state.edu. Please specify the "study guide pre-print stock" as your paper choice.

Inquiries regarding print jobs may also be directed to University Printing at 532-6308.

More information

Questions or concerns regarding guide content updates may be directed to guides@k-state.edu. Your questions/concerns will be addressed by either Megan Saunders, marketing writer; or Ashley Martin, director of marketing services.