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Marketing Services

Our process

The Marketing Services unit is here to connect you to all of the creative services offered by the Division of Communications and Marketing, but our primary goal is to help you achieve your marketing objectives. In order to do that, we suggest starting with our strategic planning process to identify where your efforts stand, define your audience(s), define your goal(s) and objective(s), and build out a tactical execution plan that is both measurable and effective. Our team is here to collaborate with you and help guide you through this process.

Contact your dedicated DCM staff member to assist you in developing your strategy.

Strategic Planning Process

Already have a strategy in place?

We look forward to helping you create your marketing materials and craft your messaging, but your messaging is just that — yours. The more information you can provide us with at the beginning of a project, the easier we can discover what works for you.

Having a clear idea of your project's desired end-goal will help the project run more smoothly for you, your DCM point of contact and our creative teams. We suggest starting any project by providing your dedicated DCM staff member with the answers to the questions below:

  • What is the goal of the project?
  • How will you define your project's success?
  • Who is your audience, and what action do you want them to take?
  • Who are the project's stakeholders (and approval authorities)?
  • What is your preferred timeline?
  • Who will be billed for production costs (if applicable)?
  • What is the project's budget? 

What to expect once your project is in queue

Based on your project's unique specifications, a project timeline will be set up by your dedicated DCM staff member to keep the project on course for timely completion. Your DCM point of contact will communicate with you regularly about your project and is always an email away if you need an immediate update on status.

  • Print projects: Please be aware that printing your completed project usually takes approximately two weeks once the final comp is approved. If your project requires mailing, an additional 1-2 weeks may need to be added to the production timeline. During peak times, this process may require additional time. While the division's design/creative services are free of charge, University Printing will bill you directly for the cost of printing, production, and mailing. Your DCM point of contact can assist you with project estimates if desired.
  • Web projects: If you are requesting a new K-State website, migration into K-State's content management system (CMS), a usability review, or usability testing, individual project timelines will be built based on your desired completion date and projects already in the queue for completion. Each project is unique, so please consult with your DCM point of contact for more information.
  • Video projects: Depending on the scope of your video production needs, our team will develop a strategy that best executes your video marketing goals and objectives. Different video treatments and production strategies require a variety of project timelines. Given this variance, your DCM point of contact and video producer will outline the project upfront and provide you with a project agreement for signature that details the project understanding, delivery timeline, and more.