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Communications and Marketing Photography

Photo Services
Division of Communications and Marketing
Kansas State University
128 Dole Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506


Photo Services Request Form

Thank you for your interest in photo services. We want to help you best represent your unit and the university.

Before requesting photo services, please read our photography policies to ensure you can get the most out of your request for our services. All requests must be made five working days in advance of the event. Please note that safety goggles and gloves must be worn in all research or lab photography per the Office of the Vice President for Research.

Please select your client manager.

If you do not know who your Division of Communications and Marketing contact is, you can find your client manager on the Marketing Services website.

Give a title to your event.

Please check this box if you would like a client manager to reach out to help with schedule marketing photography.

The date of the event and time the event will be held. (For non event photography, please input todays date)

The specific time our services will be required. (Please note that your photographer’s time may be limited to exactly the time that is requested/approved, as photographers can often have events scheduled back-to-back.)

Location at which the event will be held. If your request entails multiple locations, please indicate all locations in detail in the comments.

What college or group is requesting our services?

Who will be the best person to contact about this request?

The phone number of the contact.

The email address of the contact.

The name and phone number of an on-site contact that will be present at photo shoot.

How will these photographs be used to promote K-State and your college?

Please provide the name of subject and a brief description on portrait details.

Please provide the number of subjects in your largest group, as well as expected number of groups.

Please give us a small description of what type of photographs you are expecting. Is there a specific activities during your even you want captured? Are there any specific people that need to be photographed?